What to call alabai

Alabai are very courageous dogs that require a special individual approach. And taking such an unusual pet into the house, it is necessary, first of all, to come up with what to call Alabai. It is not in vain that they say that a name affects character, and this applies not only to people, but also to animals. It cannot be a brave fighting dog Sharik, but a sensitive and courageous guard, Lapochka. This issue needs to be taken seriously.

Suitable nicknames for alabaev boys

Just a glance at the Central Asian Shepherd Dog can tell everything about the serious strong-willed disposition and fortitude of this animal: powerful, muscular, with a smart alert look and wayward, tough character. And what else can be a dog that for many centuries guarded herds, engaging in a battle with the most ferocious predators in the Asian expanse?

Central Asian Shepherd dogs males need to be trained, and classes will be easier if the owner’s tongue is not braided during the voicing of the pet’s name.

Experienced dog handlers do not recommend coming up with complex word-forms as a dog’s nickname, and then gradually reducing them to a more digestible word, as well as replacing a dog’s name with endearing words. For example, Aristotle should not eventually turn into Arisa, and Stormbreaker into Thunder, Pomushka, etc. It should immediately focus on the full name. And affectionately call a pet only in suitable situations.

Given the appearance and disposition, it will be quite logical to call the pet a nickname associated with the country from which it came from. But, having heard a word pleasant to hearing, one should not use it without first finding out its exact translation, since, for example, Dava from Turkic is a quarrel, and Akmak is a fool.

Among such suitable nicknames for alabai, one can offer the following:

  • Aydin - lunar;
  • Ayik - a bear;
  • Haykol - noble;
  • Darman is power;
  • Aylaker - adroit;
  • Jasur - brave;
  • Kagysh - battle;
  • Miyat is the protector;
  • Palvon is a hero;
  • Zangar is a giant;
  • Kashan is beautiful;
  • Sardar is the leader;
  • Tupan - a hurricane;
  • Nuker is a fighter;
  • Enish - victory;
  • Khaibat is a threat;
  • Demir - iron;
  • Kamal - a fortress;
  • Jur - neat;
  • Zangar is a giant;
  • Kubat is power;
  • Derkan - the right one;
  • Kamtar is humble.

If you do not want something unusual, then you can choose a nickname from the more familiar words for hearing. The name of mythological heroes or famous warriors may well be suitable for Alabai:

  • Caesar;
  • Achilles
  • Odysseus;
  • Hercules
  • Spartacus;
  • Atilla.

Again, referring to ancient mythology, you can name your favorite dog in honor of one of the gods:

  • Zeus;
  • Ares
  • Hephaestus;
  • Amon;
  • Anhur;
  • Veles;
  • Mars.

Often, Alabaev dogs are called for some appearance features:

  • Black is black;
  • Silver - silver;
  • Gray is gray;
  • White - white;
  • Duck is dark.

If already in puppyhood the dog shows by no means an unfriendly character, then this can be noted with a nickname:

  • Wild boar;
  • Grizzly;
  • Roar;
  • Sinister
  • Wulf.

And you can not so advertise these qualities and take something from foreign languages, for example, Feros, which means ferocious, or Meshan - evil.

It will be quite appropriate to give Alaba the nickname, speaking of his very positive quality:

  • Right;
  • Sentinel
  • Sharp-sighted;
  • Leader;
  • Brave.

For such giants with an impressive article, nicknames that speak of a high position on the hierarchical ladder are perfect:

  • Lord
  • Khan;
  • Emir
  • Sheikh
  • Prince

Many place names can also be used for a pet’s name:

  • Baikal
  • Irtysh
  • Danube;
  • Altai;
  • Amur;
  • Ural;
  • Rome;
  • Baghdad;
  • Yenisei.

In fact, the nickname is a great many, but most importantly, it should be easy to pronounce and fit the pet.

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Nicknames for a Girl Alabai

Possessing no less formidable appearance, shepherd girls are distinguished by devotion to their owner, an inquiring mind and caution. Calling, you can emphasize one of the qualities of a pet, or give a sonorous beautiful name, but this is decided solely by the owner. However, it is worth remembering that a cute, funny puppy brought home that you can’t name as a paw or a cutie grows up into a huge stern watchman. Therefore, you should not turn a dog’s nickname into a joke.

Among the resounding female dog names, the following can be distinguished:

  • Alva;
  • Terra
  • Palm;
  • Edby;
  • Beta;
  • Quince;
  • Viola;
  • Cassie
  • Kira.

You can search for a name for your girl among the beautiful Central Asian words. Of course, it would be better if it is short and easy to pronounce. And at the same time it will have a semantic load:

  • Ai - the moon, the month;
  • Aina - glass;
  • Alada - care;
  • Altyn-Gul - a golden flower;
  • Orzu is a dream;
  • Vepa - fidelity;
  • Gala is a fortress;
  • Nabira - granddaughter;
  • Kadama - armor;
  • Paida - good;
  • Gaya is a rock;
  • Ketcha is the night;
  • Tara - peace;
  • The rear is gold;
  • Kelin is the bride;
  • Nezi - tender;
  • Shagga - fast;
  • Igna is the needle;
  • Wada is a promise.

You can look into ancient mythology and look for a nickname for your favorite there, among the names of goddesses or muses:

  • Asia - the ocean;
  • Bia is power;
  • Heba - the goddess of youth;
  • Hera - Madam;
  • Hestia is the goddess of the hearth;
  • Gaia is the goddess of the earth;
  • Nyx is the goddess of the night;
  • Daphne, Dion, Cyrene, Naid - nymphs;
  • Pickaxe is a sorceress;
  • Vixen is the goddess of vengeance;
  • Nika is the goddess of victory;
  • Kora is the queen of the underworld;
  • Dike is the goddess of justice;
  • Eiren - the goddess personifying the world;
  • Enio is the fierce goddess of murder.

If the Alabike has a fierce character, you can give it a proper nickname:

  • Attack;
  • Fury;
  • Fury;
  • Harpy;
  • Fierce;
  • Terrible.

But it is worth considering that with such a nickname, the natural character will not improve, but even vice versa. But if the dog is assigned the role of a bodyguard, then such a name is suitable, just in case.

If you want to soften the qualities of the animal a little, you can name your girl in honor of some movie diva:

  • Salma
  • Brooke
  • Jolie
  • Hilton;
  • Golden
  • Grace;
  • Charlene
  • Sharon
  • Lana
  • Courtney
  • Nicole
  • Amanda
  • Lauren
  • Monroe
  • Heidi.

Like a male, an Alabai female can be called, focusing on her color - Bleki (black), Goldie (gold), Blondi (blonde), Light (light), Amber (amber), Ivory (ivory).

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Rules for choosing a nickname

If there is a desire, then you can come up with a nickname for the dog yourself, based on the initial letters of the household names, or by choosing a random list of letters. This is a creative process and you can show all your ingenuity and originality. But, there are still a few rules that are recommended to adhere to:

  • You can’t give a dog a long name. Naturally, a name from obscure long words may be spelled out in the pedigree. But the acting nickname should be short, like a shot (no more than three syllables), so that the dog could immediately react to it, and pronouncing it is definitely easier.
  • You can not call a dog a human name, the exception is foreign names.
  • Nickname should not be offensive

It is worthwhile to understand that a pet is, if not a full member, but still a member of the family. And you should not offend him with an unpleasant name. You can show all your imagination, but do not forget that the name affects both the character and all aspects of life of both people and dogs. Therefore, you should not run Plague, Cholera, Horror, Sin, Horror and other troubles into your yard. After all, calling the dog a similar name, it will have to be pronounced every day.

Choosing a nickname you like, you can try it “to taste”, evaluate how it will be combined with the teams. It is worth offering a nickname to a puppy Alabai and see if he will respond. No need to rush, a new pet may spend several days without a name, but the choice will be more deliberate.

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