Hi my name is Xena

Hi, my name is Xena and I am a 4 yr old tailless orange and white tabby.

Well, let me tell you a little about myself.

About a year ago my mom saw me in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

Someone abandoned me and I had no where to live. So I was living in the parking lot and would sleep underneath of


the cars. I was scared, hungry, and tired… but when my mom found me all of that would change.

Even though I was scared of her, every day she would feed me. And I would eat as if I would never eat

again. My mom was amazed with the amount of food I would consume everyday.

Here I am in the parking lot eating a much needed meal. My mom sure was patient with me because even

though I was grateful for the food I really didnt trust her very much. I would run every time she would come towards me.

It took a long while before I wasn't scared anymore. I sure am glad she didn't take it personally. Even though I could be rude

at times… she still wanted to help me.

She tells me that she fell in love with me the moment she laid eyes on me. And something about her finding me was fate… she is crazy at times so I try not to get involved with her romantic notions. Anyhow, after awhile I stopped living in the parking lot and started staying on my moms front step.

My mom got in trouble because the neighbors complained about me always hanging around. I would cry for her constantly. I wanted to come inside where it was warm. But I was still scared… Here is another picture of me at the front door.

My mom would cry because she was sad that I was outside and she couldnt capture me. I am a smart little cat and I never once walked into any of her traps no matter how hungry I was. After a while she stopped trying to trap me and instead moved me from the front of her apartment to the patio. She told me that no one could say anything to her now about me hanging around. And for the next several months I hung out and lived in her patio.

My mom didn't know at first how important it was that I get spayed. She thought as long as she fed me all would be okay. And then I got pregnant… again. And that is when I really needed my mom to help me. Approximately 72 days into my pregnancy my mom noticed that something wasnt right with me. Normally when she would open up the patio door I would be very cautious about what she was doing. And would watch her from my cubby hole.However, on this particular occasion I rolled over in my box and wanted my mom to rub my very large belly. And that is when my mom noticed that I was in trouble.

I was so weak that I didn't fight with her when she picked me up and put me in the cat carrier. She took me to an emergency vet that discovered that I had a baby stuck in my birth canal. And the baby had caused my uterus to rupture. And so I had surgery. I had a lot of infection inside of me and I was knocking on deaths door. Had I of run from my mom this time… well… I am sure you know the rest.

So after my surgery I was weak and needed to recover so my mom brought me in the house. My mom couldnt believe how good I looked once I got out of the hospital. I was clean !!!! The doctor had given me a bath, trimmed my nails, cleaned all the gunk out of my ears, treated me with revolution, and had given me my shots. I tested negative for FIV/FeLV so my mom was ready to keep me.

Introducing me to her other cat Frankie was not a problem because we had been sniffing noses through the screen for months. Here is a

picture of us together. My mom put a onesie on me because I kept licking my incision. And as a result it had gotten infected. Well… I hope you liked my story. I sure am one happy and spoiled kitty.And can you believe that I love to snuggle? I like laying up underneath of my mom and nudge her hand so she can pet me. She tell me that she had no idea I was so sweet. And I am right at home being indoors. I havent given my mom any indication that I didn't want to be here. I love my new family. And I especially love Frankie. Thanks for reading.

The end…

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