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Most of the visitors to our site are pet owners and know a lot about cats and dogs. You are probably one of them. But, are you up-to-date on your cattle terminology? We sometimes use cattle-related terms when discussing our pets. 'Bull-headed', for instance, is a term we often hear when pet owners are discussing their pets' behavior problems. Some commonly used terms for canines (dogs), such as 'springer', have a totally different meanings in the bovine (cattle) world.

Match the veterinary terms related to cattle with the correct definitions on the right.

1. BullA. male, castrated bovine
2. CowB. mature female bovine
3. HeiferC. the act of breeding in cattle
4. CalD. cow showing signs of soon delivering her calf
5. SteerE. a motherless young bovine
6. SpringerF. female bovine less than 3 years old which has never had a calf
7. DogieG. act of giving birth
8. ServingH. adult, uncastrated male bovine
9. CalvingI. group of bovines
10. HerdJ. sexually immature bovine of either sex




0-2 - Cats and dogs are more up your alley
3-5 - Need more warming up in the bullpen
6-8 - Good work, pard'ner!
9-10 - Ride 'em cowboy (girl)!

Article by: Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith