English dog breeds

English dog breeds are very popular all over the world. Some of their representatives, as a rule, can be found in any locality. These dogs are extremely dedicated, easy to educate and train, friendly, sociable, and have high intellectual abilities. What breeds belong to the "English", and what qualities do they characterize?

Most Popular Dog Breed Categories

The most common and well-known groups include:

  • English Moloss;
  • english shepherd dog;
  • English greyhound;
  • English Spaniel
  • english terrier;
  • english hound;
  • English Pointing Dog.

Any breed is protected by dog ​​training clubs. They follow strict animal breeding rules. English breeds are the largest group of all recognized.

English Molossians

Yorkshire Terrier

Bred at the end of the 19th century. It weighs about 3 kg, at the height of the withers it does not exceed 23 cm. This is a very smart dog that loves outdoor games. It gets along well with children, other animals living in a house or apartment.

Even after a haircut, the dog will strike with its unusually beautiful coat. Such a terrier is very clever and quick-witted. He becomes attached to the owner and will not forgive betrayal. A dog can easily be run by older people. The animal perfectly adapts to living in any apartment or house.

English mastiff

This is the largest dog of all living on the planet. Individual males can weigh more than 150 kg. Refers to war rocks. Initially, she was used as a companion, employee and security guard. Interestingly, such mastiffs lived back in the days of Ancient Babylon.

English bulldog

Belongs to short-haired breeds. This is a great bodyguard and loyal companion. The breed was bred in the 19th century. It is the national symbol of England. The dog has a very pronounced personality and dignity.

The dog has a funny face and a small basin. Often a bitch cannot give birth to puppies without the help of a veterinarian. An interesting fact is that they breathe with their mouth open, which causes an excessive amount of gas to accumulate in their intestines. These four-legged friends are real couch potatoes.


It is directly related to guard molosses. According to its characteristics, it refers to hybrids bred in order to combine strength, large sizes, endurance with agility and mobility. Bullmastiffs are the youngest of all the Molossians currently existing.

English shepherd dog

These animals were originally used as shepherds.


This is a fluffy and incredibly strong dog, which by nature has the so-called "docked" tail. Bobtails today belong to the category of companion pets.

Dogs have amazingly beautiful coat. This is a very independent and intelligent animal that can be a devoted friend and helper. The dog is incredibly good-natured and active.

Border Collie

The boarder has a phenomenal mind. Interestingly, this breed was bred in England for a very long time. Animals quickly learn all the necessary skills, but are not subject to training in hunting. Their main job is caring for animals during grazing. In the house, such a pet will simultaneously be a guard, companion, nanny for young children.

A dog can be stubborn, naughty, so it must be properly raised from an early age. If you do not look after her, you can very quickly become disappointed in her character.

Longhaired collie

In another way, this dog is called the Scottish Shepherd. It was used for grazing sheep in the 17th century. These are very smart and obedient dogs that can learn almost everything.

Often they can imitate a person, for example, trying to mop the floor or to coward small carpets. The dog has a very thick coat, which is recommended to be regularly looked after.


This is a kind of small copy of a long-haired collie. In Scotland, it was used for grazing small flocks. With the development of cattle breeding, this breed gradually ceased to cope with the duties of a hunter, and the collie took over these functions. Sheltie, in turn, became just a family breed.

Welsh Corgi

These are small animals having a somewhat shortened body and large straight ears. Dogs are very similar to foxes. The breed was bred in the 12th century. The coat of such a dog is of medium length and has an undercoat. In different dogs, the amount of hair can vary significantly. In some tetrapods, it can be wavy. On the back they have a small mark, very reminiscent of a saddle.

Today, in the UK farms, you can often find such dogs as shepherds. They do an excellent job of security. Animals are distinguished by an amazing mind, they always have their own opinion. Often change their behavior. In the process of training, it will be necessary to show a lot of endurance and patience, because Pembrokes are quite stubborn.

English greyhounds


Such dogs can prey on small game species. They are able to track and catch her. The growth of greyhounds reaches 76 cm. They have a very active temperament and energy. With age, such pets become more balanced and prefer to lead a family lifestyle.

Thoroughbred representatives are very loyal to the owner, are good to all members of the family. Especially attached to young children. Greyhound treats other animals well only if it is properly trained. It can be at home for a long time.


The main skill of this breed is deer hunting. Today, this breed may contain except fans. The dog has an unusual appearance. Has a square or elongated body, an elongated head, small ears. Usually has a bluish or grayish color.

Dirhounds are valued for their mental abilities, speed and courage. This is a calm dog that does not show aggression to humans.


This is a short-haired Pointing Dog. The breed was obtained during incest of similar breeds, namely Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds. Dogs have excellent performance, medium size. They can be kept in a city apartment. Whippets have friendliness, devotion and activity.

English spaniels

English cocker spaniel

This is one of the most common rocks on the planet. Perfectly hunts wild birds. Cocker spaniels can reach 10 kg in weight and 36 cm at the withers. This animal feels great in a city apartment, but needs constant physical activity.

These are very playful and funny pets. By their nature, they are gentle and responsive, so that their owners will not have any problems with raising a pet. The Cocker Spaniel is also a faithful dog, a true member of the family. Dogs are great for single people, but they feel great in large families.

Cavalier king charles spaniel

This dog will be an active companion for fun and cheerful people. Dogs get along well with almost all people and animals. They can easily adapt to the image and rhythm of the life of the owner. The dog has a long, sometimes wavy coat. The tail is straight and constantly in motion. Some representatives of the breed have a large and expressive nose.

King Charles Spaniels are sociable and in a good mood. They always love to be in the spotlight. He easily understands what the owners want from her, and what he needs to do. If this pet is mistreated, it may bite.

Little-known English spaniels include:

  • English Springer Spaniel;
  • welsh springer spaniel;
  • spaniel clamber;
  • Sussex Spaniel
  • field spaniel.

English terriers

Bull terrier

This is a big and very agile dog. She was bred to fight rats. Bull terriers have very large jaws. But they will not bring harm to humans, since with proper upbringing they grow up good-natured and evil. Despite this, in a number of countries they are dangerous to humans, so their breeding may be limited.

The nature of such a dog largely depends on the hereditary factor. It can be kept in an apartment, but it must be remembered that the dog needs increased physical activity. Bull terriers need attention on the part of a person, since they do not tolerate loneliness. They also dislike being teased.

West Highland White Terrier

This is a very beautiful decorative dog. It is not used for hunting. Despite the decorative effect, it needs constant physical activity. This is a very smart dog that will be an excellent companion. Often, a dog can develop a conflict with other animals.

Vesta has extraordinary energy. At the same time, they do not forget to show their independence. The dog loves long walks where he can play plenty. The only drawback of such a dog is its inability to pay attention to children, therefore, if a family has a child under 10 years old, then it is best not to start it.

Toy Terrier

Toy weight does not exceed 3 kg. Height rarely reaches 28 cm. The dog belongs to the decorative breeds. The most common black color options, with a smooth and even coat, but there are also long-haired individuals.

Representatives of the breed are very affectionate and sociable. But they have a number of features:

  • remember grievances;
  • never lose their dignity and can show a temper if something or someone does not like it;
  • very kind to their master.

Dogs need early socialization. They can live in an apartment with other dogs or cats. They lend themselves well to training and education.

Jack Russell Terrier

This breed was bred in England in the middle of the year before last. Its weight rarely exceeds 8 kg, and its height is 40 cm. This is a typical representative of hunting animals. With these responsibilities, the pet will cope with "excellent." The dog is very active and cheerful, characterized by exceptional devotion to its owner.

The main advantages of the breed:

  • indispensable for hunting;
  • distinguished by an excellent mind;
  • able to make sporting progress;
  • They are an excellent companion, in connection with which Jack Russell Terrier can be made by single people;
  • relatively unpretentious in leaving;
  • extremely active.

Other representatives of terriers include:

  • bedlington;
  • Border
  • welsh;
  • Irish
  • core;
  • Manchester Terrier;
  • silihem.

English hounds


This breed originated in England in the 14th century. It is characterized by medium size. Caring for an animal is quite simple, such a pet is suitable for any family. These dogs are cheerful and loving.

The beagle has dark brown eyes and a good-natured appearance. Dogs are very sociable, inquisitive and decisive. When raising a dog, it should be remembered that it can be overly stubborn. This character trait can negatively affect the training process.

Beagles know how to bark, growl and howl. And they howl when they want to attract attention. Dogs get along well with other animals.

Basset hound

Such a dog does not catch up with the victim, but for a long time and purposefully follows its trail. These phlegmatic animals become excellent favorites of the whole family. Often they do not have any family responsibilities at all.

English cops


This is a kind and responsive dog, with good manners. She loves to play or run, so it requires a lot of space. Setter is an ideal dog for a large family. She will be a great friend for children and other animals. Interestingly, the dog quickly learns to execute the commands of even a small child. However, she will never show aggression towards even the smallest members of the family.

Setters need careful daily care. They should be bathed only as necessary, using special cosmetics. You must constantly check your ears for parasites. A dog needs one long walk per day without fail, and it should be able to explore the territory.

Golden retriever

This breed was bred in Scotland in the 19th century. Representatives are distinguished by their large weight - up to 35 kg. This is one of the most popular breeds in the world. These dogs are used in hunting, drug discovery, to provide treatment. Representatives of the "golden-haired" retriever can be found at sports competitions.

The most remarkable qualities of pets are sociability, intelligence, devotion and beauty. With a dog you need to constantly deal with, pay attention to him. Extremely in need of socialization. Representatives of this breed are very active, they like to frolic, play. As a rule, such a property can be preserved in these dogs until old age.

Other little-known breeds of English hounds are:

  • flatcoated retriever;
  • curly-haired retriever.

In England, a raccoon hound dog, an English shepherd, a Lancashire healer is bred. Mixed breeds are also encountered - the northern Inuit dog and others. The breeding of such dogs is deprecated because they have an unstable psyche and it is not always possible to predict their behavior in a particular situation.

You can buy dogs of English breeds in specialized kennels. You can ask the breeder all the facts of interest about a particular animal. It is strongly discouraged to buy dogs with hands or in natural markets. All vaccinations must be given to animals.

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