Rating of feed for cats: types and classes

We are what we eat. This statement is true not only for humans, but also for cats. Cat food, along with taking care of the pet’s health, is one of the most important cost items in keeping an animal. Proper nutrition is the key to good health and longevity of your pet. So which cat food is better?


Selection basics

If you are ready to buy food, prepare fresh portions for your cat every time and take care of the balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, then you have a direct way to feeding your pet with natural food.

But many cat owners cannot spend time cooking their pets and are willing to spend money on good cat food. But, getting into the pet markets, only a few are not lost from the variety of companies and types of food for cats. For such cases, projects like feedsmart.ru were created where everyone can read in detail about the ingredients in the feed, read reviews about each feed. Recommended for viewing.

How to choose what is really high quality and useful? What is right for your breed. Let's try to sort out these issues together. Below is an updated list of the best feed manufacturers.

Top 25 feeds for cats and kittens in 2018

  1. Orientjen
  2. Innova evo
  3. Canidae (felidae)
  4. Superpet
  5. Eukanuba
  6. Acana
  7. Almo nature
  8. Pronature
  9. Bozita
  10. Friends forever
  11. Josera
  12. Probalance
  13. Pro plan
  14. Royal canin
  15. Bosch sanabelle
  16. Schesir
  17. Hill's
  18. Iams
  19. Aras
  20. Gourmet
  21. Brit
  22. Felix
  23. Sheba
  24. Friskies
  25. Whiskas

The rating update date is May 2018.

The list is not associated with any feed producer. Survey data based on personal experience and study of feed composition reports in the USA.

The best and most useful cat food is Orijen. The price of a pack of 2.27 kg is 1,080 hryvnias in Ukraine and more than 3,000 rubles in Russia.

Breed feed

Depending on the breed, the list of suitable professional feeds varies, so we made a separate list for different breeds:

According to the state of the animal

Nutrition varies from the state of the animal:

Types of feed

First of all, you should know that the basic components of nutrition that are essential for a cat are:

  • proteins of meat of beef, poultry or fish (protein is necessary for the normal formation and growth of the body, this is a kind of building material);
  • taurine is an essential amino acid that is of great importance for vision, heart, and the reproductive system of the cat's body;
  • fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

There is no unequivocal opinion on the choice of the type of feed. However, dry food is the most common and easiest to use. Below is more detailed about each of the species.

Dry food

The lowest moisture content in this type of feed requires a constant supply of fresh water in sufficient quantities for your cat. This type of food is very useful for the teeth of cats, since during the opening of croquettes the animal’s teeth are cleaned from plaque.

Dry cat food can be left in a bowl for free access without worrying that it will deteriorate. The main thing is not to forget that such cat food should be stored in hermetically sealed containers in order to maintain its nutritional and taste value.

Canned food

Usually such food is to the liking of even the most fastidious eaters. The high moisture content of the feed satisfies the animal's need for liquid, and this is especially important when the animal drinks little. Canned food in sealed cans has a long shelf life.

As soon as the jar is opened, the canned food should be eaten as soon as possible (up to 12 hours). It is advisable to give the cat as much as she eats at a time, and the rest of the canned food should be transferred to glassware and put in a cool place. This will protect the conversion from oxidation to packaging.

Wet food

This is a cross between dry food and canned food. Appetizing soft slices in the sauce have a moisture content of 35%, which is almost two times lower than in canned food. Usually one bag of such food is designed for one meal.

If your pet has not eaten everything, then liquid cat food should be removed, because after a fairly short time, the pieces dry out and lose their nutritional value.

Raw feed

This is a new generation of feed in the super premium class. Every day, this species is gaining more and more supporters of healthy natural feeding. This food is holistic, made from products that are designed for people. Raw feed is the closest to the natural diet of animals in the wild.

The most famous brands are:

  • Balanced Blends, USA.
  • Darwin's Natural Pet Products, USA.
  • Primal, USA.
  • Love Your Pet, USA.
  • PurrForm, UK.
  • Superpet, Russia.

In Russia, raw natural food is presented Superpet brand.

It includes raw fresh meat, offal, vegetables, quail eggs and bran. This food is as balanced as possible, has a full range of vitamins, trace elements necessary for the digestive system of cats. Superpet does not contain vegetable protein, which preserves, aromatizes and enhances the taste of the substance. The products of this brand are 100% natural and healthy. Superpet is stored and delivered frozen, like all feed from the raw class.

Do you still have a kitten? Read in detail about the diet of kittens.

Rating of feed for cats by class

The next thing that after types of feed can confuse you is the classes of professional feed.

Food Economy Class

This is food that simply drowns out the hunger in the animal, filling its stomach and nothing more. Such food costs a penny, of course, that there is no benefit from it. There is no trace of meat in such food, everything is replaced by soy protein.

Economy class kittens feed

  • Meow,
  • Kitikat
  • Darling.

Commercial-grade cat foods are exactly the same in quality as the house-keeper. Price difference. Commercial-grade food, advertised and in colorful packaging.

Such cheap cat foods are presented in a variety of flavors, although if you carefully read the information on the packaging, the compositions will be absolutely identical.

These foods include:

  • Whiskas
  • Friskis.

Food for cats economy and commercial class is very undesirable to use as a main food product. The low quality of raw materials, the lack of animal protein, the content of dangerous dyes and preservatives makes these feeds unbalanced, nutritious and extremely dangerous for the health of pets.

Premium and Super Premium Cat Food

By standards, they are made from high quality raw materials, they have a very low content or complete absence of soy, cereals. Hazardous colorants and carcinogenic preservatives are not used in such feeds.

Premium and super premium cat foods contain vitamins, minerals, they are full and very nutritious, so the animal needs to eat such a product, much less to get enough.

Premium and super premium cat food:

  • Superpet
  • Pro Plan
  • Acana,
  • Royal Canin,
  • Bosch Sanabelle,
  • Hill's.


This is the top cat food. There is nothing to add. Only high prices can keep you from buying such elite feeds.

We have already written more about holistic here.

Holists include:

  • Orijen
  • ProNature
  • Go
  • Innova Evo,
  • Canidae
  • Eukanuba,
  • Superpet.

Important packaging information

How often do you read food on your packaging when buying food for your family?

Judging by myself, I can confidently say that it’s not so often that you and I do it. So, before you lay out a round sum for a feed package, learn to read and understand what is written on the package.

To get you to buy cat food should be the following:

  • balanced, full, optimal balance, nutritious, abbreviation AAFCO (American Association for Product Quality Control);
  • in the first place should be not just a generalization of protein, but specifically the specified type of meat that is contained in the feed and its percentage - at least 25%;
  • also sources of protein should be the liver or fish, very well if the sources of protein in the feed are at least 2;
  • preservatives such as vitamin E and C;
  • high feed quality is an indicator of its digestibility. The smaller the amount of feed indicated in the feeding recommendations per day, the better and better the product;
  • Do not forget to pay attention to expiration dates.

Leave the cat food packaging on the shelf immediately., if a:

  • the word "bone meal" should alert you, believe me, this is not what your pet should eat;
  • high feeding rate, i.e. the animal, according to the application on the package, should eat a lot of feed per day;
  • a bad product uses dangerous chemical preservatives, so the inscriptions BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, propyl gallate should alert you;
  • dyes, flavors, a high content of fillers (corn, wheat) of more than 50% in dry feed - are unacceptable.

In addition, it’s useful to know what you can’t give to the cat.

Cat Food Reviews

Below are reviews of all types of cat food.

Cat food economy class - reviews

Gennady: “Meow dry food is cheap and merciless! Yes, the food is convenient for the teeth of even a small kitten, because the granules themselves are microscopic and quite soft. This is the plus on which everything good ends. Meow packaging got into our house by chance - they just walked past the promotion point and accidentally won this thermonuclear food. The cat attacked him, which is typical for cheap food. But by the evening she began to vomit, and the stool smelled terribly unpleasant. Vomiting continued on the second day. Then we only guessed that unhealth is associated with "M y "and began to feed the cat a familiar food. Vomiting stopped instantly! Experiment with cheap food has failed"
Margarita: “They cheaply scold cheap feeds. Our experience with Darling is proof of this. My principle is to alternate feeds and monitor the amount of drink. I can’t say that my cats don’t get sick, but so far the veterinarians haven’t connected the disease with food. Therefore, Darling I can recommend with a pure heart. "

Premium cat food - reviews

Miroslava: “Royal Kanin, various sources attribute it to either premium or super-premium feeds. I found there options for my pregnant cat and subsequently for sterilized and picky ones. And this, by the way, is about the same cat ))). Never had a problem with digestion or constipation - the chair is normal, regular, the coat (I have a Persian breed) is glossy, and my eyes are mischievous and cunning. The food that eats for the prevention of urolithiasis eats without appetite, but still, once a year, I feed her a pack of such feed flax! "

Andrew: “Have you ever eaten ostrich? I don’t, but our cat regularly! Premium Bosch Sanabelle Adult I buy in large volumes (10 kg each). Packaging on a zipper, a measuring cup is attached to it. Food is expensive, but it is consumed per day. a little, so it seems to me that this is the case when it’s expensive, but cheap. The cat feels fine on Bosch for the fifth year. Of the obvious positive - the absence of acute periods of molting and the fact that the food helps to remove wool balls from the intestines. "

Catherine: “I needed diet food for a cat and the veterinarian advised giving Hill's food for weight correction a try. I bought Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for testing first in a small pack (250 grams). Get the cat, 6 years old, eating a straight and gaining 8 kg, switching to ready-made food turned out to be extremely difficult. Like all super-premium food, Hills does not have an attractive aroma and taste. Therefore, Tymoshka starved himself for three days literally, but then Timofey gradually began to gnaw at Hills croquettes. Apparently, he doesn’t like food Oh, that cat is not part of a bowl, and this is losing weight. Mission possible! ".

Super premium cat food - reviews

Semen: "Acana (Acana) is delicious. Proven by Semyon Ivanchuk! I tried it personally. Once. And my cats - twice a day (strictly according to the schedule). I have sphinxes and one of them is a terrible allergic person and a thief. Therefore, it makes no sense to feed they’ll feed off harmful food for themselves, eat and cover with rashes. I’m not overjoyed with grainless Akan. Firstly, my sphynxes are full, secondly, it does not cause allergies, and thirdly, cats are energetic and young, despite the considerable age of one of them. Frankly, I did not find any cons. "

Helena: “For 5 years I have been feeding only straight after unsuccessful experience of premium drying. Both cats got mkb on dry food of a very famous and expensive brand. After that I started to cook it myself and cut everything in portions. I accidentally saw an advertisement on the Internet Superpet and ordered a starter kit. I’m already on a straight cat, so I switched right away without any problems. I’m glad that there was such a producer who can be trusted. Slices of meat and offal are visible in the feed itself. It’s right that taurine and omega are added - no way. Thank you! Now I’m constantly th client. "

When choosing cat food, do not be guided by advertising, the beauty of the packaging and the advice of a neighbor that they say that her Barsik has been chewing this food all her life and everything is fine.

Rely on the feedback of veterinarians, breeders and remember that cheap feeds just create the illusion of cheapness. Bon appetit and good health to your pets!

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