Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex is a young breed of curly long-haired and short-haired cats. Moreover, they are not similar to other rex breeds. The thing is that their hair consists of three types of hairs: straight, wavy and curly. These are the main signs of the difference between the Selkirk Rex, which many compare with a small sheep or a teddy bear.

Origin history

The birthplace of this breed is Montana, USA. In 1987, a strange kitten was born in the litter of a white cat and a cat of blue cake color, whose hair was curled randomly. The breeder of the Persian breed Jerry Newman drew attention to him. He called kitty Miss Depesto. It turned out that the kitten’s mother’s hair was not completely straight, but curled at the tips. And the kitten already had curled hair and ears.

14-month-old Miss Depesto Newman brought with her black Persian cat and as a result of the 6 kittens, three were born the same curly. It turned out that this gene is dominant, in contrast to the curls of other rex breeds like Devon Rex. Therefore, in the early 1990s, the Selkirk Rex was recognized as a separate breed that continues to develop.

Description of the breed Selkirk Rex

Cats of the Selkirk Rex breed are medium and large, and heavy bone gives a weight of 3-6 kg in cats, 5-8 kg in cats.

Breed standard and detailed description according to TICA organization:

  • The head is round, full cheeks, a wide and round forehead, a powerful chin, a short, square muzzle protruding beyond the cheeks, curly mustache and eyebrows;
  • Ears are medium sized, rounded with pointed tips, set wide;
  • Eyes - large and round, set wide;
  • The body is a semi-cobby type, muscular, rectangular with a slight rise towards the pelvis, full chest, short and thick neck;
  • Paws - medium length, powerful bone, large and round paw pads;
  • Tail - thick, tapering to the tip, of medium length;
  • Wool - can be short or long, randomly curly, most curls on the neck and tail, with a thick undercoat. Curl on the back can be different depending on seasonal and hormonal changes, especially in cats. The coat continues to develop until the cat is 2 years old. In this case, kittens can be born curly, then usually lose their curls and begin to curl again by 8-10 months.


These are loving and patient cats, collecting the best features of the breeds, with the help of which they were selected. Like the British Shorthair, these are very sedate and laid-back animals, like the Persian - very cute and affectionate, like the exotic shorthair - mischievous and playful even in adulthood. And these character traits are emphasized by their toy-plush wool, which you just want to touch.

Selkirk rex quickly becomes attached to the owner, easily gets used to children and other animals. He loves company and talking, therefore it is better not to leave him alone for a long time. It is noted that these cats feel good mood and even human pain. They will always come to comfort you when you are in a bad mood, or they will lie on your sore spot to help.

Care and Health

Selkirk rex is a fairly young breed, and so far no diseases characteristic of these cats have been noticed. Health problems may arise due to impurities of other breeds, which until 2015 were allowed for outbreeding (crossbreeding). Most often, it can be polycystic kidney disease from Persians and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from British Shorthair. But experienced breeders try to prevent cats with such hereditary diseases for breeding Selkirk Rex.

The average life expectancy of the breed is 17 years.

In general, the features of caring for these cats are determined by their thick hair. Selkirk Rex requires more frequent bathing than other breeds. In addition, curly hair in the ears can cause irritation and excessive production of earwax.

In addition, Selkirk Rex is prone to molting, so they can not be wound up for people with allergies. It also means that cats need to be combed out regularly and accurately.

Selkirk Rex needs to be fed in the same way as other breeds. At choice: either a balanced high-quality feed, or natural nutrition with vitamins. It should be raw meat (it needs to be doused with boiling water), offal, cereal. Vitamin complexes are very necessary to maintain the health of long hair.


The next photo shows how Selkirk Rex looks

The standard allows all types of colors and patterns. Pure saturated color is preferred. Spotted selkirk rex, sepia and mink are often found as varieties of albinos, bicolors, silvery / smoky, chocolate and lilac.

The color of the eyes, nose and paw pads should be combined with coat color.


How much is

The price of this breed starts from 12 thousand rubles (4.5 thousand UAH). As usual, the cost varies depending on the gender of the kitten, his external data, class, pedigree. It is worth noting that since 2015, the breeding of Selkirk Rex by crossing with other breeds is prohibited. From now on, a real Selkirk Rex both parents must be of the same breed.

Where to buy Selkirk Rex

Although Selkirk Rex is considered a fairly young breed, nurseries for its breeding work in most CIS countries. In particular, many breeders in Russia. One of these nurseries is located in Moscow //

In Ukraine, breeders of British cats are engaged in breeding of this breed.

For example, in Kiev the nursery "Joy my soul" //

There is a nursery Selkirk Rex in Minsk //

If you decide to buy Selkirk Rex not from the official nursery, but from individuals, read reviews about the seller. The kitten should at least be vaccinated.

Watch the video: Animal Planet : Cats 101 Selkirk Rex (April 2020).