What are the black cats in the house?

Today, a black cat in a house is a common occurrence. However, there are still people who are wary of fuzzies of this color, since there are a lot of bad signs associated with them. Read about the origins of people's negative attitude to the black cat, signs of different times and peoples, as well as about the characteristics of these animals, in this article.

Color secret

In the Middle Ages, people believed that the black color of cat hair was the mark of the devil. After all, Satan has always been associated in man with something dark. Fortunately, dark times have long passed, and today everyone knows that the color of the coat is just genetics.

According to the results of research by scientists, initially the hair of a wild cat was dyed due to the influence of two pigments - black and yellow. Their mixture gives the most common shade - gray. The color of the animal depends on the amount of each of the pigments in the “cocktail” (their proportional ratio).

The black cat living in the house of many is a real mutant. In his body, the yellow pigment (pheomelanin) is completely absent - hence the color of the fur coat. However, there are very few black cats. Experienced breeders know how difficult it is to breed an animal with this coat color.

Black cat day

Not everyone is aware that Black Cat Day exists. It is celebrated in Italy on November 17, starting in 2007. The initiator of the introduction of such a holiday was a local organization that protects the rights of animals. According to its participants, black cats are the most vulnerable "layers of the population" among all other animals tamed by humans.

Every year in Italy, about one and a half thousand pussies of this color die at the hands of people, and 60 thousand go missing. Massacres of black cats fall in November, when Halloween is celebrated. Apparently superstitious comrades sacrificing unfortunate animals in evil spirits.

Interesting facts from history

Keeping a black cat at home today is normal for most. It used to be a taboo. True, representatives of this color were not always persecuted. When black cats first appeared in Europe, they were very much appreciated. After all, these animals, brought in by the Phoenicians from Egypt, perfectly caught mice in the dark. Each owner wanted a black cat to settle in his house.

Problems began during the Middle Ages. It was the ability of a black cat to hunt successfully at night that became her sentence. People decided that since the animal sees perfectly in the dark, while remaining unnoticed by others, it means that it is endowed with some superpowers and is an accomplice of evil spirits.

Black cats were massively stoned and burned at the stake. Often together with people next to whom an animal of this color was seen. Therefore, as soon as the black cat got into the house, the owners were seized with panic.

After all, this threatened them with mortal danger. From here, probably, many bad signs went. By the way, even one white hair in a fur coat could save him from certain death. Only few of the Inquisitors bothered to search for such.

In the 19th century, Russia actively traded cat fur with China. Most of all, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire liked the fur coat of black. Of course, this could not turn out anything good for representatives of this color. They were massively caught in pursuit of the "long ruble."

Here is another interesting historical fact. It would never have occurred to the King of England Charles the First to throw his black cat into the street. He sacredly believed that his pet brought him good luck, and even assigned protection to her. When the cat died a natural death, the monarch became desperate. The very next day he was arrested and after some time executed.

The most common signs

It is not surprising that when choosing a pet, many people today think that a black cat in a house is good or bad. After all, the "reputation" of these animals is not very and all because of bad signs, among which the following:

  • If a stray black cat has appeared in the house - wait for trouble.
  • The black cat draws lightning into the house during a thunderstorm.
  • In the family where the black cat lives, there will be treason.

The first two are Russian folk beliefs, and the third is part of English folklore. In addition, many people believe that if a black cat crosses the road, this is unfortunately a failure of plans.

Especially in cases where the animal moved towards the fastener on the clothes (that is, as if jumping "in the bosom"). It was not good in Russia to simply see in a dream a cat of the "devilish" color on the night before Christmas. It promised a serious illness.

However, in fairness, it should be noted that there are much more positive signs associated with fuzzy-colored coal. for example:

  • A black cat on the porch is a sign of financial success.
  • A black cat, crouched next to a man, promises him a fast wedding.
  • A black cat looking into the house will provide the owner with a ton of money, and the hostess will have as many fans.
  • A black cat on a ship is the best protection against storms and other dangers while sailing.
  • By letting an animal of this color first into the new house, one can hope that it will agree with the house, and the owners will live happily in this place.

If we analyze all superstitions, we can conclude that black cats carry luck and happiness to the house, and not troubles. Historically, people have a worse attitude towards stray animals of this color. There are more negative signs associated with them than positive ones.

How really

If we discard all prejudices and superstitions, then we can safely say: a black cat neither in a house nor in the street does anything bad to a person. Moreover, he has several advantages that others do not have.

For example, esotericists are sure that a black cat can draw bad energy from its owner better than animals with a different shade of fur coat. If the owner has something that hurts, the pet will definitely come, settle down on the sore spot, and soon relief will come.

A completely black cat is a rarity. He looks noble, resembling a panther. It will become a real decoration of the house. In addition, as noted above, black cats are considered the best rodent hunters.

If you want to take a kitten of this color, no need to doubt. The pet will not bring anything bad to the house, but will become a wonderful friend, healer and universal favorite. All other opinions, as they say, are from the evil one.

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