How to give Stop-stress drops to a cat?

Many pet owners use stop-stress drops for cats. It is quite justified. After all, only people who have never started a cat or dog can believe that animals are not familiar with the concept of stress. In fact, they often come across him. And a loving owner will always want to help them through difficult life moments.

But before using an unfamiliar sedative, it will be useful to find out what Stop-stress is.

How does it work and what does it consist of?

To begin with, Stop stress affects GABAergic receptors, thereby relieving excitement from the central nervous system of the animal. It also normalizes the intensity of inhibition processes in the brain. Thanks to this, the animal calms down and can survive stressful conditions without harm to itself and others.

The main component of the drug is phenibut. This is a special substance that gives the effect described above. But besides it, the composition includes extracts of herbs that have a sedative effect:

  • pion,
  • hop,
  • motherwort,
  • valerian,
  • mint.

An important advantage that Stop stress has is accessibility. You can buy it in many veterinary pharmacies, as well as through the Internet. Do not need prescriptions and medical certificates to buy it. In addition, the cost of the medicine is relatively low. Therefore, to treat a cat with Stop stress, you don’t have to spend a lot of money - for many animal lovers this indicator is extremely important.

Having dealt with the principle of action and composition of the medicine, it will not be amiss to talk about the dosage - this is extremely important information that needs to be located and used in the treatment of the cat.

Types of release and dosage

Stop stress is sold in malls in two forms - drops and tablets. Tablets have a weight of 12 mg - in one pack usually contains up to 10 tablets. You can also purchase drops - 10% solution. The bottle contains 10 ml of the drug.

When dosing, you should be very careful - an excess of the drug Stop-stress can harm the animal. Experts recommend using the medicine in a small amount - about 1 drop per 1 kilogram of weight.

As you can see, it is used quite sparingly. One bottle of Stop stress is enough for the entire course, and maybe several if you provide the cat with the necessary peace and security.

When to apply it?

Of course, speaking of sedatives, it should be clarified in what situations Stop-stress cat should be given. The answer is simple - in any situations when the animal is undergoing or will soon experience stress.

Modern cats, especially those living in cities, are purely domestic animals. Many of them have never left their homes for a lifetime, getting used to spending all their time in several rooms, surrounded by familiar, familiar people. Therefore, any change can cause anxiety, which helps stop stress. Most often, these situations can be attributed to:

  • prolonged absence of the host;
  • visit to the veterinary clinic;
  • visiting the exhibition where the cat will encounter other animals;
  • moving to another apartment.

Yes, any of these events destroys the familiar picture of the world, causing a decrease in appetite, and in some cases a disturbance in the functioning of the nervous system. The cat begins to behave more aggressively, sleeps poorly, stops playing. In such cases, the use of Stop stress is justified.

Experts advise starting his appointment in advance. For example, if you have an exhibition or move to another apartment, then it is advisable to start dripping the cat Stop stress 3-5 days before the scheduled date, and after the experiences are past, continue taking another 2-3 days.

Yes, all this time the animal will look sleepy, inactive. Appetite may worsen. But you shouldn’t worry about this - an automatic correction will take place a day or two after stopping the medication - the animal will become what you are used to seeing it.

It is important that Stop stress is not a highly specialized drug - it can be given to cats of all breeds.

A bit about contraindications

Any drug, even the safest, has certain contraindications, which are very important to learn about before you start using. Of course, the instruction for the use of a drop lists all the cases when it is better not to use them. Therefore, read it carefully so as not to harm your beloved cat or cat.

First of all, Stop-stress drops should not be used if the cat is pregnant or feeds kittens milk. As mentioned above, one of the main components is phenibut. This drug has a teratogenic effect. Simply put, its use can cause congenital or acquired developmental defects in kittens.

It is also highly undesirable to give drops to kittens under the age of one year. Otherwise, it can affect the development of the nervous system.

Stop-stress drops should not be given to animals suffering from the following diseases:

  • oncological formations,
  • diabetes,
  • urethritis, cystitis and other pathologies of the genitourinary system.

Overdose Symptoms and Side Effects

Even if you read the instructions in the most careful manner, accurately calibrate the desired dose and take into account all the possible consequences, there is always the risk of an overdose - it is enough to give just a few milligrams more of the drug.

Recognizing her is very easy. The cat has a decrease in blood pressure and, as a result, drowsiness. With especially severe poisoning with the drug, vomiting may occur. Of course, in such conditions, you should immediately stop taking Stop-stress, and in the future, significantly reduce the dose. To eliminate the consequences of an overdose, the cat should be washed with a stomach, and then fed with enterosorbents - for example, white coal.

With normal use, the risk of side effects is almost completely eliminated and is a consequence of individual intolerance - allergies. To solve the problem, you need to wash the stomach and apply adsorbents, then use antihistamines - half a tablet of Tsetrin or Loratadine is suitable.

How to apply it?

When it comes to cats taking any drugs — psychogenic or otherwise — the question always arises - how to make the animal swallow the medicine? Yes, it contains Valerian extract. Usually cats enjoy it, but they don’t voluntarily accept Stop-stress. Therefore, you have to trick.

First of all, you can take a small amount of goodies (so that the pet ate it all, without residue) and add the calculated amount of the drug to it. Unlike some other medicines, Stop stress can be mixed with food.

If the cat refuses to eat or there is simply no time for it, you can act more rudely and simply - after fixing the cat, open her mouth and drop the right amount of drops on the base of the tongue. For this, the easiest way is to use a pipette or a small syringe without a needle. If the cat can spit out the tablets, then with drops such a technique will certainly not work.


That's all. Now you know everything you need about Stop-stress drops for cats and, if necessary, you can confidently apply them.

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