What to do if the cat does not go to the toilet for the most 3 days?

If the cat does not go to the toilet for a large 3 days, this already indicates a shaken health. Prolonged constipation can trigger various diseases and factors. The problem, when the animal cannot go for a long time for the most part, will not resolve itself, it is necessary to take the pet to the veterinarian.

Causes of constipation in kittens

If the kitten has not been able to go to the toilet for several days, the reason may lie in the inexperience of the mother. In the first month, the stool leaves the baby through the efforts of the parent. A cat, licking a kitten, not only cleans it, but also makes a kind of tummy massage. As a result, the baby safely goes to the toilet for the most part.

Another reason why a kitten cannot go big can be an unhealthy diet when it was switched to natural food early. This is done gradually. The kitten should be fed breast milk for at least a month. Causes of constipation can be congenital malformations of the intestine or stress when the baby is taken from the mother.

Causes of constipation in adult cats

When an adult cat does not poop for 3 days, malnutrition can also be a provoking factor. When saturated with a diet low in fiber and protein, constipation appears. Other reasons why animals cannot go to the toilet for a long time:

  • Small volume of liquid or its lack in a bowl. Especially if the cat eats dry food. In this case, he drinks a lot of water.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Taking certain medications (mainly corticosteroids or analgesics).
  • The causes are often bones, lumps of wool that enter the stomach, and then into the intestines or foreign body swallowed by the animal.
  • Constipation is caused by stew, chicken meat.
  • Disruption of the digestive system.
  • Stress can occur in adult cats. A nervous breakdown can provoke a sudden meeting with a dog, noisy guests, small children, travel by public transport, etc.
  • Violation of diet.
  • A sharp transition to another feed.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to constipation.
  • Castration of cats, after which they become lazy. Animals make up for the lack of activity with indefatigable appetite. As a result, obesity appears, which can provoke prolonged constipation.

Cats should go to the bathroom for at least once a day. Sometimes diurnal constipation may occur. If the cat does not go to the tray for 3 days, this may indicate a benign or malignant tumor that transmitted the channel between the intestine and the anus.

In older cats, the digestive tract is disrupted. The intestines no longer work as well as before, and animals are less likely to go to the toilet for more. Food is hardly digested and pushed to the anus. Animals can use the toilet 2-3 times a week. This is considered a relative norm.

How to help a cat?

There are several ways to quickly eliminate constipation.:

  • The first, easiest way to help the cat go to the toilet normally again is to add petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to the food or use laxatives.
  • The second option is to add a little condensed milk to cool water and give the animal a drink.
  • In the third case, the cat can be given an enema, but the operation should be performed very carefully and best of all in the clinic. Otherwise, you can only harm the pet.

However, before helping yourself, it is best to take the cat to the veterinarian. Only he can determine the cause of constipation in the animal and prescribe the necessary funds or medicines. Self-treatment of a cat can lead to sad consequences. For example, if castor oil is given to an animal, it can provoke a bowel rupture. There are other nuances.

There are many reasons why a cat does not go to the toilet. If this is not a nutrition error, but, for example, a foreign body stuck in the esophagus or intestine, pathology can be determined using ultrasound or other studies. Therefore, with three-day constipation, you must consult a doctor. To prevent constipation, it is advisable to examine the pet for prophylaxis at least once a year.

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