Can a pet cat get rabies?

In most developed countries, vaccination of cats against rabies, like any pet, is mandatory in order to avoid outbreaks of a terrible disease. Russia is also on this list. Many believe that a domestic cat can become infected with rabies only if it comes into contact with wild animals. In fact, there are more ways of infection.

How a cat can get rabies

Despite mass vaccination, cases of infection of domestic cats sometimes appear in different parts of the country. The main problem is the unconscious behavior of breeders who are confident in the safety of a domestic cat without the use of a vaccine. Cats not vaccinated against rabies are the main risk zone for infection, regardless of where they live (apartment or country house).

In theory, a cat can become infected from any warm-blooded animal, but in the case of a pet, infection from a wild animal is excluded. The most common carriers of rabies are dogs, mice and other cats. An unvaccinated cat, like a rabies vaccinated cat, can become infected by contact with a sick animal, therefore, in order to avoid a fatal disease, a pet must be protected from contact with any animals on the street.

Animals infected with rabies cannot always be distinguished from healthy animals, because for several weeks the virus does not appear in any way, but it is already able to infect another organism.

Cat breeders are interested in the question: can a cat get rabies if she lives in an apartment? The answer is one - it can. There are three options for rabies infection.:

  • the virus can be transmitted from one organism to another through a bite;
  • a domestic cat can become infected with rabies by eating a mouse or a rat that has a virus in its body;
  • in close contact with the patient.

Rabies virus is not transmitted through the bloodstream and not by airborne droplets, but through the saliva of a sick animal.

What to do if you suspect rabies in a domestic cat

Changes in the behavior of a cat cannot be ignored, because rabies is a deadly disease that affects not only animals, but also humans. The worst thing is that you can get infected from the animal at any time, even before the first symptoms appear.

At the slightest suspicion of a cat infected with rabies, the cat or cat needs to be isolated for further observation. Be sure to contact your veterinarian so that he can confirm or deny the fact of infection.

In case of contact with an animal that has similar signs of rabies, it is necessary to wash the contact area with cat soap. It will not be out of place to be vaccinated against the disease until the end of the diagnosis of the pet.


Rabies in cats is incurable, just like any other animal. It is impossible to determine whether an animal is infected or not. The first signs of the disease begin to appear at a time when the entire cat's body is infected with the virus and reaches the brain cells. At this point, treating the animal is not only pointless, but also dangerous. Not only another animal, but also a person can get infected from a rabid cat.

When diagnosing rabies, the cat is quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus.. Since treatment for rabies is not possible, the only way out is euthanasia. The corpses of cats with rabies virus are cremated so that the heat destroys the virus and prevents it from spreading.

The only way to avoid rabies in a cat is prevention, which consists in annually vaccinating the pet.

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