The cat has one eye clouded

Fluid buildup or damage to the lens and cornea cause the kitten to have a cloudy eye. In the people, such an anomaly is called "thorn". In some cases, both eyes may become clouded.


The main symptom is usually pronounced - a cloudy eye in a cat, but for an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances characteristic of a particular disease. There are 3 degrees of damage.:

  • Total when the eye cannot open at all.
  • Central - the center of the eye is directly affected.
  • Peripheral - a border is visible along the edge of the apple.

Often, along with a clouding of the eye of a cat, changes in behavior or parallel signs are observed, allowing to diagnose a specific pathology. Visual impairment is accompanied by uncertainty of gait, as the pet does not distinguish surrounding objects well enough.

Perhaps the appearance of a cat strabismus, excitability, nervousness. If there is an inflammatory process, then there are discharge, swelling of the mucous membrane, pain.

To establish the exact reason why the cat's eye is blurred, you can comprehensively examine the animal.

The reasons

There are three main most common reasons why one cat has a cloudy eye.:

  1. Damage to the cornea causes clouding of the surface of the eye, in the depths of color changes do not occur. In this case, turbidity occurs in any part of the eye. As a rule, this is a consequence of the development of inflammation in the tissues of the cornea. The inflammatory process may be due to trauma or infection. The disease is called keratitis. Any form of the disease is a serious ailment. This is because the consequence of the inflammatory process in the cornea is its degradation.
  2. Glaucoma. Increased intraocular pressure causes an increase in the eye in size, at the same time, there is a loss of the ability to see. In addition, you may notice a violation of coordination of movements in the cat, an enlarged pupil, a clouded cornea, which almost whitens and loses sensitivity. The animal stumbles on surrounding objects due to loss of vision. Both eyes of a cat can be affected by glaucoma at the same time. As the ailment develops, the tissues of the eyes become hard. The disease can be congenital or acute. The cause of glaucoma is a dislocation of the lens or keratitis.
  3. Cataract. The eye becomes cloudy in the center, in the area of ​​the pupil. One or two eyes are affected by cataracts. Over time, the lens becomes opaque, almost white. The disease can appear after a previous infection, trauma, inflammatory process. Often the disease is associated with age-related metabolic disorders in the body and elderly cats suffer from it.


Today, timely started therapy can be very successful. In the early stages, medication, drops, and rinsing will be prescribed for the cat, especially if the eyes begin to fester. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have proven excellent., but they can adversely affect the cat's body with prolonged use.

In all cases, instillation of antiseptic drops and the laying of ointments will be useful, this must be done systematically. They act as a means of moisturizing the eyes and at the same time inhibit the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

The diet should be saturated with vitamins A and E, which provide restoration in the corneal layer of the epithelium.

With a late appointment to a specialist, surgery and artificial implants are possible. For this reason, it is very important to consult a veterinarian on time. Even the most, at first glance, a harmless disease can turn into pet blindness over time.

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