Can I caste a 5 year old cat

Many owners, especially men, are quite sensitive to castration of cats, perhaps because in the depths of their subconscious they realize that at this moment it will be difficult for the animal to transfer this procedure. But the cat grows and, having stepped over a two-year milestone, becomes very active, reaches puberty. At this point, many have the question - is it possible to castrate a cat in 5 years?

Still, 5 years is already quite a long time, the pet is already an adult. But the fact remains. The daily urging of a cat, marks in the corners and running around the house is very annoying for many. For this reason, it is worthwhile to find out the features of this procedure for an adult pet.

What is castration?

Sterilization or castration is considered to be a procedure in which medical or surgical removal of the testes (testicles) is performed. The main goal of this procedure is to prevent the breeding of the pet, and it also reduces its increased aggressiveness. This operation can be performed at home or in a veterinary clinic.

In fact, this is a simple operation, it is absolutely safe for the animal and does not cause unpleasant consequences.

During castration, the doctor performs an excision of the testicles or ligation of removable cords. In any case, the cat loses its ability to reproduce, but when dressing, it fully retains all instincts - it also marks the territory, it retains sexual desire, drive.

Castration is performed under general anesthesia, so the animal does not feel pain, discomfort. In place of the testicles, a small incision is made, through it complete removal of the testicles or ligation of the sockets is performed.

Is it possible to castrate an adult cat

Many veterinarians recommend castrating an animal earlier, preferably 5-8 months. But not all owners can immediately decide on this step. In addition, sometimes the cat behaves calmly for a long time and does not show activity. He can live in an apartment for a long time and have absolutely no desire for cats. So is it possible to castrate a cat in 5 years? Many experts say that it is possible.

Sometimes there are cases when the behavior of an adult or old pet aged 2 to 5 years changes dramatically, various factors can influence this:

  • deterioration in character;
  • the emergence of a new member in the family;
  • if a new pet suddenly appeared in the house - a cat or a dog;
  • changing of the living place.

Other factors may arouse sexual attraction in an animal aged 5 years, but in any case they will become the main signal that it is time to castrate the pet at 5 years old.

However, it often happens that the behavior of castrated cats does not change or only gets worse. Especially often this happens among adult pets aged 2 to 5 years.

If, before castration, the cat has already managed to get acquainted with cats and try out all the delights of adulthood, then you should not hope that its behavior can change. Of course, a castrated cat becomes less active, but still he does not stop walking. The thing is that the male pituitary gland manages hormones, so you can not argue with nature.

Feeding Castrated Cats

If you decide to castrate the cat in five years, then be prepared for the fact that after this procedure he can significantly gain weight. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the nutrition of castrated cats.

Nutrition Recommendations:

  • a pet at the age of 5 can be given special food that is intended for neutered animals;
  • the feed must contain all the necessary components to maintain the weight and health of the pet;
  • it is advisable to purchase food for adult pets aged 2 to 5 years;
  • if you give natural products, then he should eat them no more than three times a day.

Many owners are interested in another important question - how much can this procedure cost?

On average, this procedure for pets aged 5 years in specialized veterinary clinics costs from 900 to 2000 rubles.

It all depends on the specialization and complexity of castration. But a positive result is also affected by compliance with all the necessary recommendations after the operation.

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