The main signs of estrus in cats

If you love pets and you have a cat of any breed at home, then read our article. Perhaps it will be useful to you. In it, we describe the signs of estrus in a cat, and also talk about how to find out about the beginning of estrus and what are the signs of the first estrus in a cat.

So, your young cat does not let you sleep at night, she has become very restless, constantly meows and behaves differently than always? This may indicate that she manifests sexual arousal.

Features of puberty and its symptoms

The time when the first estrus begins in a cat is individual, but in most cases it occurs in the sixth to eighth month of life. This means that the animal has reached puberty, that is, it can give birth to offspring. Note that in different breeds of kittens, the age at which they reach puberty varies. That is why you should know the date of birth of the kitten that you take to yourself. This will help you more accurately understand that the cat has a heat. And this will happen for the first time when the pet is not even a year old.

If a cat, due to the peculiarities of its body, after reaching puberty can mate on any day, then the situation is different with females. The time of their mating is limited by the period of sexual desire and is three to ten days. That is how much the average heat in cats lasts.

As you can see, the reproductive stage of life in these domestic animals begins quite early, and lasts quite a long time, up to about eight years. The sexual activity of cats does not depend on the length of the day, season. This is especially true for those animals that live constantly at home. Most actively cats walk in late winter - early spring. If the female does not get pregnant, then the estrus can last as long as necessary, repeating after half a month.

About how this estrus "looks"

To understand that the cause of a change in cat behavior is estrus, you need to know the symptoms of estrus in a cat. Now we will call you some vivid signs of estrus.

  1. the first sign is an enlargement of the genitals, from which you can observe small colorless discharge, which your pet can inherit.
  2. the second sign is frequent urination.
  3. the cat often licks herself.
  4. changes in appetite - the animal begins to eat less than always.
  5. affection increases - the cat becomes very kind to everyone, she constantly rubs about everything and everyone, from the owners and ending with a door jamb or chair leg. Some individuals, on the contrary, can become overly aggressive, begin to scratch or bite.
  6. The cat during estrus tries to leave the house by any means to get on the street (therefore, if you do not want your pet to be on the street, seeing signs of estrus, close all windows and doors in the house well).
  7. The cat’s behavior during estrus suggests the presence of a prolonged pitiful meow. Thus, she calls the male.
  8. The pet begins to wriggle, arch the back, stomp with its hind legs and remove the tail on its side.

If you have identified such signs and symptoms of estrus in a cat, you should take into account that it needs a walk and take appropriate measures.


Cat sexual arousal goes through several stages:

  • proestrus;
  • estrus;
  • metestrus;
  • anestrus.

Let us consider in more detail these phases and their signs

The first stage is called proestrus. This is a period that lasts from one to four days. During this period, the animal behaves more or less calmly. You will notice that your pet has become more affectionate and asks for all the time to be stroked. The cat eats well, maybe even more than always. Another sign that will talk about the beginning of estrus is quiet, extended sounds. The genitals of the animal "swell", increase in size. The first transparent highlight appears.

But at this stage it is not necessary to lead the cat to the cat, as she still will not let him in. For mating, expect the following signs of estrus in a cat.

The second phase is called estrus. In different breeds of animals, it lasts different times. But often estrus passes in one and a half weeks. The signs of estrus in a cat in the estrus phase are most striking, because this stage, in fact, is the estrus itself.

So, what happens to the cat when the estrus phase begins, what are its symptoms? The behavior of a cat is changing dramatically. She literally "gets better in front of her eyes," that is, she begins to wriggle, meow very loudly, roll on the floor. Stroking the animal on the bottom of the back, you will see that it will stand in the position typical for mating, the tail will turn on its side. No need to worry about the pet, everything is fine with her. Such behavior is inherent in nature itself and is absolutely natural.

You have noticed signs of estrus and want kittens to appear, then use this period for mating. The most optimal period for mating is about the third to fifth day of estrus. Therefore, having noticed its signs, look for a cat for breeding.

After pronounced estrus, the third stage begins - metestrus. At this time, the cat's sex drive is reduced. This phase lasts from three to twelve days. If during the previous stage she became pregnant, then now the cat will not be allowed to come to her.


In the event that fertilization has not occurred, the development of a so-called false pregnancy is possible.. Its symptoms are very similar to a real pregnancy, so it can sometimes be difficult to determine. Often, only the sign that a false pregnancy does not end in childbirth helps to do this. And they occur approximately sixty to seventy days after conception.

The final final step is the anestrus. It occurs if the cat has not become pregnant. During anestrus, the animal gradually and completely calms down and begins to live its usual life.

Ways to get out of the situation

If you do not want your pet’s estrus repeating every month, it’s worth considering a solution to this problem. There are several ways out of this situation..

  • arrange a meeting with the cat (the cat becomes pregnant and sexual arousal ceases);
  • castration (this is a radical way, resorting to it, you will not be able to change anything later. Therefore, before you take the animal to the veterinary clinic for surgery, think a few times, because your porridge will never be able to have offspring and will get a lot of stress );
  • Use medications that regulate your pet’s sexuality. These are sold in pet stores, and find out which one is best for your pet, check with your veterinarian).

So, we have examined the causes of estrus in cats, we have described the main symptoms and signs of this process. We hope that from our article you learned something useful for yourself.

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