French Bulldog

The French bulldogs were bred as light fighting dogs, but later, the breed became extremely decorative without an emphasis on working qualities. Today they are ideal companions and reliable family advocates.

Origin history

Despite the fact that this breed is relatively young, there are several versions about its origin that are not fully confirmed. According to one, their ancestors were the Spanish Bulldogs (Alans), who have now disappeared.

A more common theory is that the French bulldog inherited a lot from the Old English bulldog and, comparing their appearance, one cannot help but find a certain similarity. The English Bulldog comes from Molossians, fighting dogs of the Greek family. In any case, the final formation of the breed took place precisely in France. There is an opinion that here the Spanish bulldog was crossed with English, also pugs and terriers participated in the breeding, thanks to which the breed gained small size and mobility.

The French bulldog acquired its final appearance thanks to the work of French dog handlers in the late 19th century. Then the first club of the breed was opened and the standard was approved, which subsequently changed several times. After several exhibitions, the breed gained well-deserved popularity, not only in France or England, but also outside of it, including the United States, where local breeders, not constrained by standards, slightly changed the breed, adding red and yellow to the traditional colors.


French bulldogs are compact in proportion, physically powerful enough for their size. The coat is smooth, well-fitting to the body, shiny. The muzzle is short with a slightly upturned nose.

The head is wide, square, skin folds are symmetrical. The forehead is slightly convex, the superciliary arches are clearly visible. Ears are set on a wide, medium size, always with rounded tips. Auricle facing forward. The jaws are powerful, note a slight snack, but the teeth should be hidden behind the lips.

The muscles are well developed, but not prominent. The back is wide, the croup is slightly sloping. The tail is set low short, should not rise above the line of the back. The front and hind limbs are straight, setting parallel. Dog movements are free. Color can be solid (tiger, fawn, black) and spotty (suggests the presence of spots on a white background).

Training and physical activity

Training French bulldogs are sold easily, but can sometimes be stubborn. You need to start raising a puppy literally from the first days of appearing in the house. It is important to take into account that elementary commands, for example, “sit” or “bring slippers”, the dog learns quickly, while “you cannot” and “to me” finally learn at a young age. Adult pets can also be trained in teams of any difficulty, but it will take a little more time and patience. Even the owner will be able to raise a French bulldog without much training. The main thing that he remembered is that training should be regular and persistent, but not tough.

Bulldogs do not strive for active physical activity, running and long training, but always do not mind playing. This makes it an ideal companion for the child and people who are busy at work, but are ready to devote all their free time to the pet.


Dogs of this breed will feel great even in a small apartment, a private courtyard is also suitable for them, but in the cold season they will have to be taken to a house and taken out for a walk in warm clothes. They are very sensitive to cold, as well as to extreme heat. In the sunshine it is better not to walk the dog for a long time.

Future owners also need to know that French bulldogs often snore in their sleep. 🙂

The coat of these dogs is short, does not shed heavily, so grooming them comes down to combing them out with a natural bristle brush every week. They bathe as they get dirty, not more than 4 times a year. If necessary, cut the claws. Periodically inspect the ears and mucous membranes of the eyes. In addition, owners should regularly care for folds in the face. Moisture and dirt accumulated in them is removed with cotton pads to prevent skin inflammation.


French bulldogs have a friendly, sociable disposition and a brave heart. Readiness to join the battle was transmitted to them from their ancestors. They can be wary of strangers, and they show aggression only if they encroach on their property. Very attached to the owner and can not stand loneliness. They usually get along well with other animals, sometimes, however, they try to take a leading position. Very young children are not always treated with understanding and patience, especially if they have not grown together, they play with pleasure with older adults.

Representatives of this breed are sociable and friendly, are not inclined to aggression, but in case of danger they are very brave. French bulldogs are quite silent, barking only when necessary. These dogs always try to be near the owner and often prefer an owner's bed to the rug.

Often they are jealous and if they see that the owner pays them less attention, they can dislike the neighbor. Much of the temperament of dogs of this breed depends on the environment in which they grew up, the habits and customs of the owner, so the nature of each pet is individual.

Diet & Health

The food of the French bulldog should be exclusively from natural products or high-quality dry feed of premium class. Disputes about which is better have not yet agreed on a common opinion, so the owners prefer to choose the option that is more convenient for them. The pet should always have free access to clean water. It is also important to consider that French bulldogs are prone to overeating and rapid weight gain, which should not be allowed.

In general, the breed is quite prosperous. Among the most common diseases to which it is susceptible, dermatitis is noted inside the skin folds and between the toes, allergies, and eyelid inversion. There is urolithiasis and hypotrichosis, a congenital disease that manifests itself in a symmetrical loss of coat. Females have difficulty giving birth, especially the first. Life expectancy up to 12 years.


Photos of French Bulldogs:

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