Hepatovet for dogs

The drug Hepatovet is hepatotropic and is used for the prevention, treatment and restoration of liver cells. In fact, the liver of animals has an exceptional ability to self-repair, but only with adequate support. In agreement with the veterinarian, Hepatovet can be used as a feed additive during treatment of the animal with other aggressive medications.


The liver is a unique organ that performs quite complex biochemical functions, including the breakdown of nutrients extracted from food into coenzymes suitable for assimilation by the body. It also produces non-essential amino acids, enzymes, platelets, vitamins, proteins and cholesterol. But the most important function of the gland is detoxification. It is the liver that takes the brunt when the toxins of organic or inorganic origin get into the dog's body.

Hepatovet is a suspension that helps not only regenerate damaged liver cells, but also cure congenital and acquired disorders, as well as accelerate the recovery of the dog’s body after endo- and exotoxicosis.

The instructions for the Hepatovet for dogs say that the suspension can be used if the dog has the following symptoms:

  • discoloration of the whites of the eyes (yellowing);
  • discolored oily feces;
  • vomiting
  • belching with bile;
  • loss of appetite;
  • bloating (not only in puppies).

For prevention, a suspension can be given to absolutely all dogs that are regularly treated with insecticides (from fleas and ticks), as well as pesticides (from internal parasites). Also, preservatives, dyes and synthetic additives contained in low-quality feeds have a very negative effect on the liver.

By agreement with the veterinarian, Hepatovet can be given to dogs that are being treated with steroids, cortisone. Since the above drugs directly affect the liver, the suspension will significantly reduce the degree of damage.

Instruction: release form, application procedure

The medicine is available in the form of drops (suspension is completely ready for oral use). Despite the fact that Hepatovet can be used as a feed additive, the manufacturer recommends storing the bottle separately from the animal’s food (preferably in a dark place at a temperature range of 2-25 °). Since the suspension is made in Russia on the basis of NPI API SAN LLC, the price of Hepatovet for dogs is quite affordable: 680-700 rubles per 100 ml., 380-400 rubles for 50 ml.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Despite the fact that the shelf life of the Hepatovet is 24 months, it is strictly forbidden to give the suspension to the animal 21 days after opening the bottle.

The smell and taste of the drops are quite specific, so it is recommended to inject the drug directly into the dog's throat using a special pipette. Mixing the suspension with a small amount of feed or clean water is also allowed.

The exact dosage is calculated by the veterinarian individually for each pet. Instructions for use on Hepatovet for dogs contain indicative recommendations. The minimum continuous course of therapy should last 3 weeks, and the maximum - 5 weeks. If it was not possible to achieve the desired results in the allotted time period, then it will be possible to repeat the course of taking Hepatovet no earlier than in 2-3 weeks. For every 10 kg of dog weight, the instruction determines a single dosage in an amount of 1 ml. suspensions. Dogs weighing less than 5 kg are also given a single dose of 1 ml. Hepatovet, but it is recommended to reduce the total daily dosage.

For prevention, a suspension is given 2 times a day, for the purpose of treatment - 3 times. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the number of drops taken by the dog does not exceed the boundary norms indicated in the table below.

Dog weight

The total daily dose of hepatitis

1-10 kg

1-3 ml

11-20 kg

4-6 ml

21-30 kg

7-9 ml

31-40 kg

9-12 ml

Over 41 kg

11-15 ml

Before each administration of the suspension, you must carefully shake the glass vial, because the natural components in the composition of the Hepatovet can precipitate.

If, due to some circumstances, one or two doses of the drug is missed or more, the resumption of administration should begin as soon as possible, observing the same schedule and dosage as before.

Composition and effect on the body

The drug can be called conditionally natural, since there are no aggressive synthetic components in the composition, and herbs are also present. The basis of the drops is distilled water. Among the active ingredients:

  • methionine (100 mg.);
  • essential phospholipids (60 mg.);
  • ornithine (50 mg.);
  • marin thistle (15 mg.);
  • sand goldflower (15 mg.).

Methionine is a neutral, genetically encoded amino acid that is not produced in the dog's body. However, methionine is among the ten so-called "essential" amino acids that must be present in the diet of each animal. Directly in the composition of Hepatovet, methionine:

  • prevents hair loss, itching and rash on the skin, provoked by liver diseases;
  • acts as a lipotropic (helps the body of the animal to break down fat faster);
  • reduces plasma cholesterol;
  • increases lecithin production;
  • improves transport speed and bioavailability of selenium and zinc.

Methionine alone does not repair liver cells, but significantly improves its functional state.

L-ornithine fights directly with hepatic encephalopathy, hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis.

Essential phospholipids in the composition of Hepatovet:

  • improve the functioning of the gland;
  • normalize the enzymatic activity of liver cells;
  • reduce the level of toxins already accumulated in the liver;
  • contribute to the regeneration of damaged cells;
  • turn neutral fats and cholesterol into compounds that facilitate their metabolism;
  • stabilize the physical and chemical properties of bile;
  • normalize protein metabolism;
  • possess antifibrinolytic action.

An extract of thistle thistle (popularly known as milk thistle) has been added to the Hepatovet for the purpose of detoxification. Many official studies indicate that milk thistle alone is quite effective in treating most liver diseases in dogs. The extract does not improve the functioning of the vital organ in any way, but significantly reduces the risk of further damage to the liver cells as a result of exposure to toxins and other synthetic medicines. The impact of literally any unnatural component on the dog’s body negatively affects the liver. Milk thistle is designed to quickly and effectively remove all toxins that have fallen into the digestive tract.

Milk thistle cleanses the liver very quickly and efficiently, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of active ingredients of the drug that enter the bloodstream. To avoid an unintended decrease in the therapeutic concentration of the drug, it is forbidden to give the dog any other preparations containing milk thistle together with the Hepatovitis.

The extract of the sandflower goldenflower herb (known as the Helichrysum) has unique regenerative properties and ensures the regeneration of damaged liver cells, normalizes the level of ammonia and restores the structure of hepatocytes.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the fact that the main purpose of the Hepatovet is the prevention and treatment of liver diseases, dogs with very severe liver failure are not allowed to give an essence. With progressive hepatic encephalopathy, a significant deterioration in the condition of the animal is also noted. Essence is also contraindicated in dogs suffering from epilepsy. Reviews of veterinarians about Hepatovet for dogs suggest that among the side effects there is only an increase in salivation (the problem disappears by itself 15-20 minutes after taking the drops). In rare cases, an allergy or individual intolerance to the individual components of the drug develops.

Storage and Precautions

To store the drug, you need to choose a dry place without access to light, away from food, household chemicals and feed. The temperature should not fall below 2 ° C and exceed 25 ° C. The storage location of the medicine should be out of the reach of children and animals.

During the manipulation of the drug, you must adhere to the generally accepted rules for working with medicines in order to protect yourself and others. Basic security measures:

  • Do not smoke, drink or eat while using the medicine.
  • Wash your hands after the procedure.
  • If the drug has come into contact with the skin or eyes, it must be thoroughly washed off under running water.
  • In case the medication gets inside, it is necessary to immediately seek help from a medical professional.


Oksana, mistress of the French Bulldog:

"My bulldog developed foam vomiting, as well as persistent loose stools. Liver inflammation was determined in a veterinary clinic. A whole course of medications, including Hepatovet, was prescribed. As the doctor explained, it’s necessary to give Hepatovet to the dog so that the aggressive chemical components that are in they didn’t harm the liver even more. The bottle of the suspension cost about 400 rubles, but it lasted for 3 weeks. After taking the suspension, the bulldog became healthy and cheerful again. Therefore, I can recommend the drops Vat. "

Eugene, mistress of the dvorterrier:

"After I treated hepatopathy with my outbred pet, I thought about how to prevent the recurrence of the disease. The veterinary pharmacy advised Hepatovet. Although the composition is not completely natural, there are no aggressive components. A convenient syringe-dropper was included, so with the introduction of drops There were no problems. There were no side effects in the dog. I hope the suspension helped. "

Andrey, veterinarian:

"In my practice, I use Hepasol, and for the prevention I prescribe Essentiale. These drugs have been investigated, including by me personally. Reading the instructions for Hepatovet for dogs, I sincerely do not understand why the suspension was registered as a medicine. Judging by the composition, it’s rather "a dietary supplement, and a relatively low price, indicates this. So I recommend this drug to my clients only for prevention. Serious conditions are best treated with proven drugs."

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