Dog with dreadlocks: breed name

It can be disguised as a mop, it is difficult to spot it on a fleecy carpet - all this is a dog with dreadlocks, a representative of one of the breeds called bullets, Komondor or Bergamasco.


The big dog itself with dreadlocks. In the photo - this is a powerful shaggy giant, whose hair hangs to the ground with twisted cords, covering his ears and eyes. Komondor is a type of Hungarian Shepherd Dog. Its purpose is to help sheep grazing. Looking at the photo of a dog with dreadlocks among the flocks, the four-shepherd does not immediately appear in the picture. Dreadlocks are not the result of selection, it is a natural feature of the breed. The hair begins to curl in puppyhood, and the first pigtails appear at 6-8 months. It is unlikely that the ancient shepherds carefully combed their assistants, but they had to cut them with the sheep. If this is not done, then the cords are knocked together and the animal loses its beauty. The unusual coat was given to the Komondor not by chance: such a fur coat retains heat very well, therefore it tolerates cold and temperature extremes, which is very important in conditions of service on pastures in high mountains. Wool even closes eyes, protecting them from the sun.

Character Features

The dog is completely independent. She will guard the object entrusted to her even in the absence of a person. This shepherd will not leave his post for a minute, even males will not move after the bitch if they are in the service. But such a thoroughness in the Komondor is developed over the years. This breed is also called the "eternal puppy", because until the age of three the dog is ready to frolic like a baby.

Excellent security qualities - for this they love a mop dog. If the owner is in danger, she will attack the offender sharply and decisively. Dog breeders note a high level of intelligence of this breed. The Komondor is capable of making decisions without human help. This affects the training: the sooner socialization begins, the more adequate the animal will be in communicating with people. The Komondor perceives the family as an object entrusted to him for protection. He is extremely friendly with the owners, loves children, but with strangers he is always alert and can be aggressive.


Unlike the Komondor bullet has a more modest size. The height at the withers of a dog of this breed is 36-45 cm. The bullets are also considered a Hungarian shepherd, although China is its birthplace. Helping cattle to graze was the dog’s main concern, but over time it began to be used more as a companion or as a friendly breed. The second name of the bullet is a floating dog. She received it for helping hunters get game out of the water. But for her habits, a bullet could be called a flying one: it perfectly jumps over the backs of sheep and overcomes a long distance in a jump.

Character Features

Like the Komondor, bullets are extremely independent. She herself copes with a large herd: she understands where to drive animals, regulates the rate of movement of the flocks, quickly collects living creatures around herself. At the same time, a human society is important for a bullet: it quickly becomes attached to the owner and perceives him as the unconditional leader. But the owner can be only one, the rest of the family members are “their own”, the dog shows respect to them, but not love. Who is among the strangers should be careful with this breed: first you need to earn the respect of the owners, and then the dog will accept the guest. The bullet has a two-pronged attitude towards children: it can endure pranks, but cannot stand open mockery. Bullets love a good attitude towards themselves, and if they offend her, the dog will shut himself in.


Another shepherd dog with dreadlocks, but already from Italy. It got its name from the name of the province of Bergamo. For several hundred years now, she has been helping shepherds in the Alpine plains. This breed can live in the most difficult conditions, it does not freeze, and tolerates hardships in food. The only thing that Bergamasco does not tolerate is the restriction in space. This dog needs space and the ability to actively run.

Character Features

Very obedient and easy to learn. Her character, like all herding breeds, is independent, but the leader is important for bergamasco. For the owner, she will become a real partner, partner and will never be the center of attention. This breed is important early socialization. Bergamasco accurately captures the thoughts of a person, so the relationship in her family with everyone develops individually. He loves children and prefers them to adults, because you can have fun playing with kids. This breed is loyal to strangers, but until it senses a threat from a person. Then, bergamasco will decisively defend its territory and its family.

Features of pet care

  • Wool. A dog with dreadlocks does not need to be combed out. When the puppy's curls begin to stray, they are separated by hands. The strands are separated by hands, and the older the dog, the less often it needs to be done. Wool grows all my life. The dog can be sheared, leaving dreadlocks 25 cm long.
  • Bathing. For convenience, the dog is placed in the bathtub and watered from a flexible shower. A special shampoo for animals based on lanolin is needed. Lather the cords very carefully, without circular movements, so as not to knock down the wool. At the end of the wash, rinse the dreadlocks thoroughly and squeeze them with your hands, like a mop. In order for the pigtails to take their natural shape, it is best to leave them slightly moist and let them dry on their own.
  • The ears and paws of the animal must be carefully examined. Due to the thick coat, you may not notice wounds or parasite damage. Cords of wool on the legs and ears are recommended to be cut.

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