How to wean a cat yelling - simple and useful tips

Cats are able to lime even the calmest owner. Such a situation occurs when the animal begins to yell heart-rendingly at night and in broad daylight. Not a single normal person can easily come to terms with this, and sometimes it seems that screaming gives the animal real pleasure and there is no other reason for such behavior. But before you learn how to wean a cat yelling, you need to study the reasons that prompted the animal to behave this way.

Reasons for screaming

Understanding the reasons for the cat’s behavior will help the owner not only eliminate the problem, but also create maximum conditions so that the situation does not recur.

The main reasons when the cat is constantly yelling are:

  • Hormone surges;
  • Serious illness;
  • A way to attract attention;
  • Feeling of fear;
  • Defending territorial integrity;
  • Yearning.

Hormonal changes. One of the dominant factors that makes the cat behave quite aggressively. Cats who have not undergone the removal of the gonads (castration) with an enviable regularity bawl about their desire to see cats in territorial proximity. The instinct of procreation in animals is developed at the highest level, while cats do not experience pleasure. Cats during the period of hormonal surges feel physical and psychological suffering. Animals cannot overcome their instincts, therefore, there are two ways to solve the problem - to find a groom a couple or to take him to an appointment with a qualified veterinarian and castrate.

Various diseases. Castrated cats can also yell at night, just like their uncastrated cats. The problem of cat screams lies in other reasons. It is worth paying attention to the cries of your pet to those owners who already have an old animal.

Nervous disorders lead to cat irritability. Irreversible processes developing in the body cannot be overcome by any methods other than prescribing medications that can slightly improve the general condition of the cat. Often the cause of screams is pain in the abdomen (especially due to helminthic invasions).

Note! A young animal that has undergone genital surgery can scream while going to the toilet.

These are clear signs of urolithiasis (a frequent complication after castration with an improperly selected diet).

Pain during urination or inflammation of the genitourinary system will not give the cat peace, about which he will loudly notify his owners.

Territorial borders. Cats tend to mark territory, considering it their property. By placing specific signs, the animal indicates to other brethren that this area is under vigilant control. When marking a territory or meeting an unfamiliar cat in "their" locality, cats begin to yell and possibly even enter into a fight.

The cat yells when it asks for food

Attraction of attention of the owner and feeling of fear. If the kitten is small and begins to scream heart-rendingly at night, then this may indicate that the animal is simply elementary boring.

Demanding communication or begging for a treat, the cat will meow loudly until the owner does what he wants. The cat will perform the same manipulations when it asks for food. Neither breeders nor veterinarians recommend constantly following the pet’s request. This is due to the fact that cats are very smart and cunning, and subsequent times they will use this cunning maneuver to achieve their goals. The best solution is to train your pet in a specific mode.

Why is a cat yelling when no one is home

Another important aspect that makes cats scream is a sense of danger or anxiety. Cats subtly sense the approach of natural disasters, earthquakes, or other unpleasant events.

If a previously calm and affectionate animal began to yell suddenly - it is worth listening to the pet. Feeling danger or loneliness, the cat can scream when no one is home. If the animal is just bored, it is important to ensure that the pet always has fresh water, food and entertainment for the period when the owner is away.

Yearning. Most often, sadness occurs in kittens when they are weaned at an early age. As soon as the baby appears in the new house, he is surrounded by a new environment and he begins to worry. You can eliminate the screams of a kitten by giving him affection, care and a large amount of attention. In the future, the cat will get used to and the situation will stabilize.

Learning Rules

Any owner should remember that if a previously calm and affectionate animal begins to vote heart-rendingly, and especially in the mornings, it is necessary, first of all, to go to a veterinary clinic. A qualified specialist will help you find the problem and tell you the right way out of the situation.

Uncastrated young cats screaming heart-rendingly to attract a female, you must let go for a walk. Not planning to receive offspring from such a pet in the future, it is recommended to perform a procedure to remove reproductive internal organs.

You can use special hormonal and herbal remedies to suppress sexual instincts. But in this case, it is important to remember that various drugs that act from the inside on the body can lead to serious consequences and complications in the future.

Note! Castrated cats can continue to scream. As a rule, this occurs after a short period of time after the operation.

You need to be patient, as this is due to the circulating amount of hormones in the bloodstream. After a while, this goes away.

It happens that sterilized cats continue to scream. In this case, this indicates the unsatisfied instinct of the hunter. It is recommended to introduce an active exercise to the animal, which includes imitation of hunting and various active games. This will allow the animal to spend more energy reserves, and at night the pet will have a good rest.

To hyperactive kittens, veterinarians advise giving heavy food before bedtime, for the processing of which the body will spend more energy. But this advice should be avoided by owners of already castrated cats. This is due to the fact that heavy food and its large quantities can provoke the onset of obesity.

How to wean a cat yelling under the door

In the process of weaning a cat, yelling under the door, it is necessary to show maximum patience. These animals are wonderful teachers. They "train" a person (their master), making it convenient for them to carry out all the commands. You can not give in to a cat with his bad behavior. Giving up and doing as the animal requires, the owner shows that this screaming technique works and that you can fix the result.

The punishment of a fastidious pet should also be wise. Even if the owner thinks that the cat is yelling for no reason. In no case should you use physical force and beat a cat. Proven methods for distracting attention — water or a sharp sound — will help in this matter. You can spray from the spray gun onto the tail of the cat, and the animal will be busy for some time washing and putting its hair in order.

Note! If the owner sees that the pet is starting to yell, you need to quickly switch his attention - hit the pan, slam the door or offer some kind of noisy game.

Wean off demanding food

An important aspect is setting home rules. As soon as a small kitten appears in the human family, it must be trained from the first days, not allowing large liberties. It is necessary to establish clear boundaries where the animal can go, and where it is forbidden to be.

It is important to create a feeding schedule so that the animal is accustomed to the time when it is given food. This will avoid the moment when the cat begins to yell and demand food. As soon as the cat or cat begins to yell heart-rendingly, you can try to command her “Hush!” In a calm and dominant tone.

After completion, it is important to praise the pet, and sometimes give a treat. You should not expect that the cat will immediately begin to behave appropriately. It takes a lot of time for the animal to understand what the problem is and change its habits.

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