Favorite Celebrity Cats

"They say that without a cat - well-fed, spoiled, accustomed to worship - there are ideal houses; maybe I don’t argue, but I have not yet met evidence."
Mark Twain
At all times, the cat has been and remains the most popular pet. "Cat fever" has not spared the powers that be: politicians, athletes, TV presenters, actors, musicians, writers are happy to give a mustached household a place in their heart. What kind of celebrity cats are they? Does the status of a loved one matter for a cat?
Obviously not. You can’t buy feline love for a jar of food, you won’t win a favor by presenting a wayward pet with a mahogany house or a handmade lounger. The proud savage prefers attention, care and sincere affection, and this can only be given to her by a person of a wide soul. In confirmation - quotes from celebrities about cats, stories about star pets, so similar to our Vasek and Murok.

Star self portrait

Branched pedigree, medals and cups, the most popular or rarest breed - this seems to be a cat of a cult composer or a famous actor. Evenings of Kevin Bacon and Nicolas Cage are brightened up by charming abyssinians, Even Rachel Wood appears in public in the company of black and white rex. Giorgio Armani prefers the Persians. Alexei Chumakov and Vladimir Tishko were bribed by defenseless nudity. Maria Butyrskaya, in her words, fell in love at first sight with the Scottish fold. But most of the stars are the owners of ordinary yard cats, picked up on the street or given by friends. Evan McGregor, Morgan Freeman, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore, Zachary Quinto, Ian Somerhalder are happy next to the mustachioed nobles.
Nicolas cage
Morgan freeman
Giorgio armani
Nicole kidman
It is interesting that the nicknames of famous cats are simple and concise: Murysik Volochkova, Frank Drew Barrymore, Barry John Travolta, Donut Senchukova, Ignat Maria Butyrskaya, Ellie Justin Timberlake. Although there are "exceptions to the rules." For example, Valeria Novodvorskaya’s cat’s name is ... Kastryulechka. And it’s not at all in honor of the kitchen utensils - the hostess, not devoid of a sense of humor, so noted the sterility of the pet. The names of cats of celebrities of past centuries are quite original: Herliberlibuss, Madame Bianchi and Lord Nelson Semuel Coleridge, Pestilens, Stray Keith, Beelzebub, Hores Greeley, Generals Grant and Gallet Mark Twain, Misuff Dumas Jr.
Drew barrymore
John travolta
Mark twain

A bit of history

As soon as cats came to Europe, they settled in the courts of the most distinguished persons. Almost all kings and queens kept cats that walked freely around castles and were allowed into the rulers' chambers. Queen Victoria said that she likes cats because these animals cannot flatter. Perhaps for the same reason, modern stars adore mustachioed pets. Surely it’s nice to know at least in the company of an affectionate cat that this living creature sincerely loves you just like that, and not for your merits.
Passionate catwalkers were: Cardinal Richelieu, Byron, Picasso, Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway (the descendants of his many cats still live in the Hemingway Museum), Edgar Allan Poe, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Charles Bukowski.
Earnest hemingway
John lennon
Freddie mercury

Foreign cats

Katy Perry is very fond of cats and does not hide it - photos of the three barbel that lives in her house regularly appear on Twitter. In 2011, the singer gave connoisseurs a new fragrance "Meow" (Meow), named after the entire cat brethren.
Katy perry
Brigitte Bordeaux founded a shelter on her own land. In the help center for homeless animals live about a hundred cats!
Nicole richie
Nicole Richie's heart belongs to two cats, whom she simply adores. Nicole spends her free time with her pets, buying them all new toys and cooking tidbits. The young actress gives care not only to her, but also to homeless cats - she took several homeless kittens found under different circumstances, brought them into the house, put them in order and found their families.
Three pets of Dita Von Tees are not only loved, but also famous - their portraits are exhibited in a Paris gallery, and numerous copies adorn the friends of the model.
Emma Watson was very happy when she found out that in the next part of "Harry Potter" will play a cat. Emma considers these animals to be great friends, capable of telepathically feeling the mood of the owner, supporting him in a difficult situation and cheering when he is sad. At home, the performer of the role of Hermione lives two cats, Domino and Bubbles.

And in our yard ...

Viktor Rybin and Natalya Senchukova have three cats - Vasya, Kuzya and Donut. All pets are purebred nobles found on the street.
Anastasia Volochkova
The Persian cat Anastasia Volochkova is the real head of the family. Murysik is very fond of the hostess and is very bored when Anastasia leaves the house for a long time. Probably, many celebrity cats are in a similar situation, because public people simply have to spend a huge amount of time on the road.
Larisa Latynina is surrounded by feline care in the "face" of seven pets. The nine-time Olympic champion says she is a little tired of people and now enjoys a society of animals, from which "you will never hear lies." Sounds like a statement from Queen Victoria, doesn't it?
Yuri Antonov
The latitude of the soul of Yuri Antonov is enough for ten cats! All darlings are caressed and well-groomed, all are foundlings. The caring singer does not forget about the unfortunate strollers - he feeds homeless cats and forbids street cleaners to close the passages to the basement of the building in which his office is located.
Vladimir Tishko is grateful to Nikolai Petrovich for the perfect order in the house. Nikolai Petrovich is the nickname of a curious sphinx, who has the habit of trying on his tooth everything that is possible to grab. So that the bare-footed bully does not harm himself, Vladimir has to maintain perfect cleanliness.
Alexey Glyzin
The Persian beauty Osia is a unique cat, constantly plunging Alexei Glyzin into shock. Once, forgetting to warn about an interesting situation, Osia gave birth to seven kittens. During pregnancy, the cunning did not betray her secret and did not even gain weight. Another time, Alexei was seriously scared - Osia decided to take a walk in the immediate vicinity of the enclosures in which shepherd dogs are unfriendly to cats. Osia seemed to deliberately tease raging dogs, clearly verifying the distance to the rods: no matter how hard the dogs tried, they could not get the cunning provocateur. And the third incident made Aleksey blush: a farm cat collected apples in a neighboring area and brought them to the courtyard of the Glyzins, folding them in a prominent place. The apples were returned to the owners, and they asked the dominant Persian not to take someone else's, to which she answered with a puzzled look: "Strange people, I tried for you!"
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan admits that he loves cats for their independent disposition. From childhood, he kept cats, enjoying the pleasure of communicating with these sincere animals. When, for family reasons, Armen Borisovich had to part with a blue-eyed Thai cat, he called daily from Russia to the USA to find out how Phil spent the day. In an interview, Dzhigarkhanyan says: "He dreams of me every day. He is part of me, even part of my loneliness." Kota Phil, who died at 18, Armen Borisovich called his "last, most powerful love."
What do Russian stars say about their pets? Below are quotes from celebrities about cats, brightening up the rare leisure of popular people. As you can see, celebrity cats are not much different from their "stellar" relatives: furry and not very friends, who like to sleep, eat and purr quiet songs.
Elena Proklova: "When Arseny falls asleep, he can be grabbed, dragged by his hind legs, put anywhere, and he will continue to sleep.".
Marina Khlebnikova: "For me, cats are a symbol of home, comfort and at the same time independence, of a pronounced nature. Cats are like my favorite songs, each of which I myself have raised, as they say."
Ilya Reznik: "Lyalya is non-sticky, independent, but very tender, giving tenderness in small doses, which is perceived as a gift."
Tatyana Pushkina: "Cats do not claim to be a specific place in the home hierarchy. It seems to me that Brynza just loves me. She always supports me, she feels when I’m in a bad mood. She comes, rubs and purrs loudly, like a refrigerator."
Eduard Uspensky: "Cats are creatures that live on their own and therefore are less understood than dogs. I just can’t explain to myself how they are guided in this or that case - mystery creatures."
Arina Sharapova: "The owner of the house is our ICQ. She is building everyone, even our dogs are afraid of her."
Maxim Averin: "Yasha is very sociable, loves people. He always comes: when you feel good and when you feel bad. He’s a very joyful cat. He’s the sun. And Fira is such a night queen of Mab. She has her own life."
Nina Shatskaya: "Maybe I'm exaggerating Mitya’s rationality, but I'm sure that when cats live in a family for a long time, they become part of her life, develop a common language with the owners. Hence, mutual understanding."
Irina Gribulina: “I’ve never understood people who don’t even have a fish or a hamster and for whom a dog or cat is first associated with dirt, germs and extra cares. It seems to me that something is wrong with these people, with their characters, psyche ... Elvis and I have a special love and understanding. "
Nikolai Tsiskaridze: "I rent a corner from Tyapa, and the hostess in the house is her. Tyapa is quite friendly, allows me a lot. Sometimes I even sleep on the bed, if after putting her in there I have some, of course, not its central part."
Sergey Prokhanov: “In my heart I’m a catman. And not only because cats don’t have to walk, I like independence and independence in them. Marsik and I exist individually, but love each other dearly.”
Alex Exler: "Cats are easier and smarter. I think that cats are, for the most part, so foolish, funny, funny. But, as a rule, as simple as two pennies. Cats are on their own mind."

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