What to do if a dog is hit by a car?

A jerk to the side, a squeal of brakes, a squeal of a pet, time stopped, horror chained his heart - it is not clear where the machine that came from brought down a dog. But the doggie just a minute away from the owner! We will think about who is to blame after. In such a situation, it is much more important to be able to maintain clarity of mind and, as far as possible, to help a dog who has become a victim of human inattention.


First of all, it is necessary to protect the scene of the accident so that the drivers go around the injured pet and the person trying to help him. You can’t fall on your knees in a panic or run around, lost from a cloud of thoughts on the topic: "The dog was hit by a car, what should I do now ?!" This is dangerous, especially if the accident happened on a busy highway, at a bend or in the dark. It is urgent to attract passers-by or stop a passing car so that someone can help identify the place of the accident.
Before touching the dog, you should fix the jaws - put a jacket on the pet’s head, bandage the muzzle with a bandage or a collar, and put on a muzzle. When a dog is hit by a car, first aid can save her life, but the animal is in a state of shock, and therefore represents a danger! Even the most loving pet, disoriented and in pain, can seriously bite the owner, not to mention an outsider.
Of course, if injuries to the skull or jaw are noticeable, such manipulations will only do much harm. If deep wounds are visible on the head, muzzle or neck, bones are visible through torn tissues or a bone displacement is noticeable, you should not touch the injured area (excluding severe bleeding). Putting on an impromptu “muzzle”, we must not forget that the dog should breathe freely, and the bandage should not disturb blood circulation.

Condition assessment

The first thing to do if the dog gets under the car is to do nothing. In no case do not try to turn the pet on its side or drag it somewhere. First you need to assess the severity of the injuries so as not to harm the dog by moving it. Injuries to the skull, spine, peritoneum, and chest are extremely dangerous. Less dangerous, although they look scary, are open fractures and dislocations of limbs. If a deep-seated fragment, sliver, or other foreign object sticks out from the side (paws, etc.), you can not pull it out - this will not only hurt the dog, but can also cause severe bleeding.
In some cases, the external integrity of the tissues can play a cruel joke with the owner: it seems that everything is in order, the dog is able to move - there is nothing to worry about. However, a dog may die from internal bleeding or brain injury if qualified assistance is not provided on time. Therefore, in a situation where the dog was hit by a car, what the veterinarian decides to do. But the doctor can be helped by providing the following data:
  • what was the power of the blow;
  • how fast the car was moving;
  • what part of the body hit;
  • the pet is thrown back or dragged under the wheels;
  • Did the dog lose consciousness. If yes, when this happened, immediately after the blow or later, on the way to the clinic;
  • have convulsions been observed;
  • how much blood the dog lost;
  • Does the dog suffer from chronic diseases?
If, apparently, a stray dog ​​was hit by a car to death, you need to call the sanitary control service to dispose of the corpse. But before that, you should examine the animal. Perhaps the collar has the contact details of the owner. If there is no collar, there may be a stigma in the ear or stomach. Nobody likes to report bad news, but in this case it is the right thing in every respect.

First aid

Having noticed a fracture, do not rush to lay the tire. And in no case do not try to return the broken or dislocated bone to its natural position! If the tissues are intact, it is better to leave all the manipulations to a specialist. However, with severe bleeding (open fracture, laceration), it is necessary to tightly bandage the paw to stop the loss of blood.
In general, when a dog is hit by a car, first aid comes down to stopping bleeding. This is the only thing the owner can do without harming the pet. Torn wounds are bandaged, a tourniquet is placed on a bleeding limb above the site of injury, a dense tissue folded several times is pressed against the wound in the side, on the back or neck. No bandage? His torn t-shirt will replace him. The harness will be tights, laces, straps of the bra or the bra itself (if the pet is large), a scarf, etc.
If the dog does not breathe (blue or pale gums), artificial respiration is necessary:
  • the neck is in line with the spine;
  • to free the mouth from blood, mucus, foam, close the jaw;
  • a deep breath, and then exhale into the dog’s nose through the palm of the “tube” or a scarf, about 15 times / min;
  • every 20 seconds checking your heart rate. If the heart does not beat, we begin an indirect massage, which becomes ineffective only after 15 minutes. Those. during this time, it is necessary to continuously carry out artificial respiration in combination with indirect heart massage. The chest is squeezed 5 times, then inhalation, then massage again. Heart rate check every 2 min.
But the main thing that needs to be done in a situation when the car hit a dog is to immediately deliver the pet to the clinic. It is pointless to call a doctor to the scene of the accident: while they accept the application, while they collect, while they arrive ...
The injured dog is transported while lying down. It’s great if it is possible to put a piece of plywood or other hard material on the car seat - this will reduce the risk of injuries during transportation. However, you should not spend time searching for a suitable board. The same applies to the stretcher: it is highly advisable to carry the dog, laying it on a large piece of cloth, holding the fabric together, on both sides. The third person should pull the "stretcher" to himself, while inside the car. But if you don’t have a jacket or other suitable material, you should not waste time: together (if the car knocked down a large dog) or independently we take the pet in our hands and put it on the car seat. It remains only to get to the clinic as quickly as possible and hope for the professionalism of the doctors. Upon arrival, you need to call the doctors to the car, without trying to independently pull out the dog and bring it to the veterinarian’s office.
Remember that a banal leash prevents many troubles, including accidents in which people are always to blame. Both the owner and the driver.

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