Tetravit for dogs: a review of the drug

Perhaps it is difficult to find the person who would not know about the benefits and necessity of vitamins. Of course, many dog ​​breeders are also aware of this, and would like to bring a little more vitamins to their pets. Someone even buys super-expensive drugs from promoted companies for this. They do not suspect that tetravit exists for animals. The tool is cheap and very effective.

What it is?

This is an oil-based drug, which consists of four main fat-soluble vitamins: A, E, D and F. The last substance, by the way, is not a vitamin as such. More precisely, it is, but under this name several polyunsaturated fatty acids are hidden at once. Why do all dogs need them? Oh, a lot for what.

So, vitamin A, aka “rabbit happiness”, is contained, firstly, not only in carrots. Secondly, without it, epithelial cells in the gastrointestinal tract and almost the entire body will not grow and renew, which can lead to dire consequences (especially in puppies).

Vitamin E is known to many for its aggressive advertising of vegetable oils, but this substance is really necessary. Few people know that E is also called the "reproduction vitamin", since without it the reproductive function in animals (and humans, by the way, too) suffers greatly. Therefore, Tetravit for dogs of breeding value is very important.

There is no need to talk much about vitamin D. Everyone knows that without it, the bones become fragile, which significantly increases the risk of fractures. It happens because the substance contributes to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, their absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

Finally, the aforementioned “vitamin changeling”, aka F. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are extremely important for the normal condition of the skin. If the dog’s body does not receive them in the proper amount, then soon your pet’s skin will become flabby and the hair will begin to fall out in shreds.

The medicine is produced in the form of an oil (based on olive or sunflower oil) solution, which can be Packed in bubbles of 10-20-50-100 ml. If we talk about the form for oral administration, then on sale you can see five-liter canisters. Of course, if you do not own a dog shelter, you don’t need to buy them ... When can Tetravit vitamins for animals be used?

Indications for use

First of allThis drug does not interfere with the treatment of any infectious and parasitic diseases. It is used as part of basic therapy, helps to improve overall well-being, reduce the duration of the disease, and helps restore the body.

For the same reasons, Tetravit is indicated for those dogs that are in the recovery period after serious injuries and / or operations. Vitamins accelerate the regeneration process, which is especially important if the dog recovers after a bone fracture. It is also useful to put Tetravit for dogs in the winter, when all the necessary substances for the body may be lacking, even with a more or less balanced diet.

This medicine is very useful for puppy bitches. Vitamins are extremely necessary during pregnancy, since the mother’s body at this moment very actively spends them on building the body of puppies.

Of course, vitamin injections for dogs in the "happy mother" position will not interfere. When feeding puppies, the body of your pet will give so much energy and nutrients that nothing can remain for the animal itself. This position must be corrected. In addition, the medicine is useful in the prevention and treatment of stressful conditions, which is especially necessary for those dogs whose owners constantly carry them to exhibitions.

Of course, Tetravit is also necessary for any diseases caused by a lack of those vitamins that make up its composition. But in this case, only the veterinarian should prescribe the drug. But what about the dosage and method of use? It is advisable to administer the drug subcutaneously, the dose is from one to two milliliters per animal. The medicine is oily, and therefore it is advisable to warm it to a temperature of 37-39 degrees before use.

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