Rottweiler: Extreme German

We apologize in advance to amateurs - you will not like this article. And we express our admiration to the professionals who are not trying to imagine the stubborn, reckless and easily excitable Rottweiler with a soft gentle friend. An honest description of the Rottweiler breed, a clear idea of ​​these unique beautiful creatures is the only possible way to preserve the livestock of independent working dogs.

History reference

In 73, the Roman Legion was located along the coast of the Neckar River. In order to strengthen the position, the emperor ordered the founding of the city on the site of a nearby village. This is how Rottweil appeared - a city that for many centuries has been central to trade in the south-west of Germany. Here began the history of the Rottweiler breed, the descendants of the local dogs and evil dogs that accompanied the Roman army.
At that time, the surroundings of Rottweil were ideal for farming. Huge herds needed control, and the ancestors of the Rottweiler quickly gained the respect of the shepherds. Of course, then the Rottweiler dog breed did not exist yet, but its path was predetermined: the shepherds chose the most fearless, powerful and strong dogs, recklessly rushing at the huge bulls, separated from the herd.
Among amateurs, there is an opinion that the Rottweiler is a fighting breed, but the facts refute this misconception. Rottweilers drove herds without human help, accompanied the butcher carts, protected merchants from robbers, not being afraid to risk their lives. But these dogs cannot be called truly fighting: the history of the Rottweiler breed is the story of hardy, vicious, incorruptible watchmen and guards, but not bloodthirsty killers.
After the ban on the transportation of meat in carts and carts, the rottweilers were on the verge of extinction. In 1882, only a few individuals remained from the thousands of butcher dogs. Fortunately, the United German Rottweiler Club was founded in 1921, under the auspices of which enthusiasts could not only save the breed, but also make it popular around the world. And even then, the description of the Rottweiler breed included a disqualification for displaying aggression towards other dogs or people!
However, the preemptive measure did not help much. The more popular the breed became, the more the psyche of the livestock as a whole worsened. In breeding came amateurs, eager only for profit. The owners became people for whom the characteristic of the Rottweiler breed, which describes these dogs as physically strong and fearless warriors, played a decisive role. In the Rottweiler, they saw a means to intimidate others, which inevitably led to sad consequences.

Mass bans

For the first time, a ban restricting the breeding and maintenance of Rottweilers was introduced in their homeland in 1610. The butcher dogs that flooded the city frightened the inhabitants of Rottweil, and they managed to impose restrictions: the butcher could keep only one dog, the shepherd - depending on the livestock herd. The origin of the Rottweiler breed subtly hints to us how long ago these dogs raised a freedom-loving, stubborn and bold disposition, but we stubbornly do not want to understand the obvious.
Today, thanks to the "efforts" of divorces and people who do not understand the seriousness of this breed, rottweilers are banned in dozens of countries. In some countries, the ban is imposed not only on maintenance and breeding, but also on the entry and / or crossing of borders with a Rottweiler or a mestizo. It is possible that the Rottweiler breed will disappear from the face of the earth in a few decades, if any person can continue to buy a puppy, breed and walk a socially dangerous (according to Rottweiler breeders!) Dog in public places, without a leash and a muzzle.
Even the surface characteristics of the Rottweiler breed preclude the possibility of free sale and free breeding. If at the state level the work of breeders and the actions of the owners are not controlled, the rottweiler will remain in the past.


The modern standard of the Rottweiler breed is very different from the first descriptions. The right rottweiler should not be too heavy, loose and dull, the desire for gigantism in the past. This is a beautiful, stately powerful dog, muscular and taut, with a strong skeleton, sinewy limbs and a straight back. The Rottweiler breed makes a strong impression: the right proportions, a smart attentive look, strong jaws, a sloping wide forehead. The muzzle is well filled, not moist, the lips are dry and fit snugly on the jaws. Triangular ears lie forward. Weight 40-55 kg, height for males 61-68 cm, for females 56-63.
A broken, thin tail lying on its back is a serious flaw. The tail should be fairly thick, in harmony with the general appearance of the dog, straight. If the owner wants to take part in breeding and exhibitions, stopping the tail is prohibited.
The coat is shiny, glossy, rather coarse. Wools fit well to the body, forming a beautiful curl on the chest. Color is only black with tan. The tan marks are bright, clearly delineated. Black lips against a red tan look like a smile, especially when the dog breathes with his mouth open.

Character and training

All reviews of the Rottweiler breed as stupid, near and antisocial beast are very far from the truth. These dogs are incredibly quick-witted, they love to work, they are happy to make contact with a trusted person. They are hardy, like movement, physical effort and challenging tasks. These are wonderful working dogs, but the Rottweiler reveals the positive qualities only in the hands of an experienced dog breeder.
Categorically not suitable for people nervous, physically and mentally disabled, couch potatoes, screamers. Not suitable for the role of the first dog. They are suitable for the role of a family dog ​​only on condition that the owner and still young Rottweiler take the OKD or UGS course.
The main features of the Rottweiler breed are the tendency to dominate and the ability to make decisions with lightning speed, not waiting for the approval of a person. Even a perfectly educated Rottweiler can “suddenly” see an enemy in a passerby or growl at a family member. The owner must be strong spiritually and physically in order to be able to restrain the aggression of the four-legged friend in an emergency and show him that obeying is convenient and profitable. But one must act, convincing the dog of its superiority by perseverance, love, respect and repetition of the "material", and not by beating. We advise the owner who thinks he will knock the dope out of the Rottweiler to remember that an adult male can tumble down a bull weighing half a ton.

Maintenance and care

Caring for a descendant of butcher dogs is extremely simple: baths as needed, cleaning wool once a week. These are clean dogs, not slobbery, not smelling of a dog, short hair sheds only seasonally.
But the content of the breed of dogs Rottweiler is more demanding. Although they can live in an apartment, and in a private house, and even in a warmed aviary. But they need regular long-range walking and physical activity. If the Rottweiler is unable to work, he quickly fools around, becoming excitable and aggressive. In addition, the rottweiler must be taught to people and animals from a very young age, as soon as the period after vaccination is sustained. If a strongman from childhood learns that passers-by, guests, stray cats and dogs are not enemies and not prey, the Rottweiler will grow up as a pleasant calm companion.


Gastrointestinal problems, cataracts, eyelid inversion, osteochondrosis, dysplasia, retinal atrophy, heart disease - only the tip of the iceberg. Rottweiler puppy categorically must not be bought from amateurs. Only a competent breeder can see in time a physical disorder or mental deviation, and exclude such an individual from breeding.

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