How to prevent estrus in a dog?

Different-sex animals in the house, an exhibition from day to day, aggression and disobedience of bitches during the hunt, marks and brown spots throughout the apartment ... There are an infinite number of reasons why owners think about the question: “How to prevent a dog from estrus?”. The possibility of walking without restrictions, exhibitions all year round, cleanliness in the apartment and other amenities that have to be sacrificed for two months every year is very attractive.
The estrus itself and all the inconveniences associated with this period are the result of hormonal changes, a consequence of the constant “restructuring” of the body from the “I want” to the “I don't want, and it's useless” state. In order to stop estrus in a dog as soon as the hunting period has begun, or to completely prevent the onset of hunting, one must intervene in a complex natural process that affects not only the genitals, but the whole organism. In modern veterinary medicine, only hormones are capable of such a “feat”.
Homeopathic and even phytotherapeutic drugs for estrus control exist, but they are ineffective. Sometimes it is possible to delay the beginning of estrus for a week and / or partially solve some behavioral problems. But in most cases, these are harmless but useless pills, potions, etc.
There are two ways to interrupt a dog’s estrus with hormonal drugs. In the first case, the drug is used during the resting period, every 3-5 months: estrus does not occur at all, until the drug is discontinued. In the second case, the drug is given at the very beginning of estrus to suppress all processes that stimulate estrus: estrus stops once or moves away for a while (individually). And in fact, and in another case, the body is saturated with sex hormones, often synthetic (natural ones are softer, which means they are less effective). Those. Contrax, Stop Sex, Stop Intimacy, Covinan, Ex-5, Pilcan, etc. - This is a narrow list of the same hormones in different packages.
Of course, this is very convenient: one injection (pill, medicine - no difference), and you can forget about all the inconveniences associated with the onset of the hunting period. Yes, and advice on how to stop estrus in a dog is so attractive! And it is safe, and there are no contraindications, and without side effects. Only if hormonal drugs were truly safe, women would have switched to pills long ago, forgetting about pads and the need to limit themselves monthly.
Fortunately, veterinarians are well aware of all the effects of hormonal "contraception" on animals. But because these drugs are not very popular. Side effects include:
  • endometritis, pyometra;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • mastitis, cystic tissue changes;
  • tumors of the uterus, ovaries, mammary glands, including and malignant;
  • impaired function of the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, heart, gastrointestinal tract.
If the owner considers the prevention of estrus in the dog as a temporary measure, i.e. in the future he is going to receive offspring from the girl, he should remember the following side effects:
  • violation of the cycle, hidden estrus;
  • infertility;
  • prolonged labor;
  • the birth of dead and unviable offspring;
  • infertility.
The risk of complications is extremely high, even if hormonal preparations are used in full accordance with the instructions. Counting on “What if you're lucky?”, Realizing the possible consequences, is hardly reasonable. To trust the advice of friends "And we give pills, and nothing ..."? But the whole point is that the consequences often occur with age, and not immediately after the use of such funds.

With love and responsibility

Before stopping estrus in dogs with a particular drug, be sure to think about sterilization. This is the safest way to control the sexual cycle. When it comes to a pet, not a pedigree producer, sterilization is the best option. No endometritis, cancer of the uterus / ovaries / mammary glands, hormonal disorders, cysts, etc., prolonging the life span are huge advantages. It is important to remember that in most cases, injections and pills from estrus in dogs lead to the need to sterilize the bitch on an emergency basis. That is, the operation, which the owner dismisses, will still take place, but the girl’s health will already be undermined.
When it comes to a tribal girl, it is best to tolerate. And even better - to devote a little more time to raising a pet. And, of course, do not forget about the restriction of walks and the obligatory leash during this period. Yes, all this is inconvenient, but you had to think about discomfort before buying a puppy. Remember the eternal: "We are responsible for those who are tamed."
If the interruption of estrus in dogs with medication is a resolved issue, a doctor’s consultation is still necessary. There are many contraindications and a number of nuances, in case of non-compliance with which this kind of "contraception" is a danger not only to health, but also to the life of a pet. Absolute contraindications include:
  • diabetes;
  • impaired renal, heart, liver, gastrointestinal tract;
  • discharge from the vulva of an unclear nature;
  • genital tract infections;
  • cystic diseases;
  • obscure hormonal background;
  • physiological immaturity (with the help of hormones to stop estrus in a dog, as soon as the girl ceased to be a puppy, it is absolutely unacceptable; you need to wait at least a second hunt).
Therefore, you must make sure the absolute health of the bitch. It is necessary to undergo an examination, pass tests, do an ultrasound. Based on the results, the veterinarian will select one or another remedy, develop a scheme, and choose the dosage with accuracy. In addition, almost all injections and tablets from estrus in dogs can be given only in a certain period. For example, the tool is used at the very beginning of the precursor phase. But the estrus itself is noticed by many owners only when the litter is stained. He was late with the timing of use - he awarded the dog purulent inflammation of the uterus. Only a doctor is able to minimize risks, even if the instructions for the selected drug do not raise questions.

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