Hypoallergenic dogs: fiction or hope?

The dream of having a dog can become unrealizable in an instant, if it suddenly turns out that one of the family members is allergic to these beautiful animals. No, we can handle it, there are hypoallergenic dogs that are specially bred for sensitive people! Unfortunately, all this is a beautiful lie of enterprising breeders. Such breeds do not exist and cannot exist. However, some dogs are less likely to provoke allergy symptoms.

Who are you, the most hypoallergenic dog? To find the answer to this question, it is worth talking with your doctor and agree with him on a series of studies. First of all, you need to make sure that dogs really provoke allergies, and not pet food, filler or shampoo. The next step is a test for sensitivity to the protein of a particular dog (it is the protein secreted with saliva, urine, sweat and other fluids that causes allergies). The fact is that the same dog can be safe for one allergic person and cause a severe attack in another patient. Therefore, you need to look not for a hypoallergenic breed of dogs, but for a specific puppy, when you interact with which tears do not flow, your hands do not itch and your cheeks do not blush. How to find the same baby?

The size

Everything is very individual, but most people suffer from allergies when an irritating substance reaches a certain concentration. Therefore, more often hypoallergenic dogs are small, decorative breeds: Toy, York, Bichon, KHS. If you want to see a sporty dog ​​next to you, loving active games and highly amenable to training, pay attention to poodles, pinschers and schnauzers. Although typical decorations also show good results, especially if you devote enough time to training.

Type of wool

The lion's share of the allergen is found specifically in the coat: the sebaceous glands produce sebum, which lubricates each coat, on the stomach the coat is dirty with urine and sexual secretions, at the anus - feces, on the ears - gray. Therefore, dogs with hypoallergenic hair are pets whose hair does not scatter around the apartment, which means that it is not allergic to the skin and respiratory tract.

It is clear that we are talking about breeds that do not fade, that is, breeds with wool without undercoat: curly curries, poodles and bichons, long-haired yorks, toi, papillons. From the list of hypoallergenic dogs one can safely exclude all breeds with pronounced seasonal molting, molting “needles” (short-haired), requiring regular trimming (removal of dying hair). However, if trimming is carried out outside the house and often enough, such a dog can become a friend of an allergic person.

In general, pets who simply have nothing to dump do not fade. Of course, naked dogs also emit allergens, but the irritating substance does not fly around the apartment and is easy to remove by bathing the pet once a week. The Mexican Hairless Dog is an ideal hypoallergenic dog for children of any age, the Chinese Crested Dog is more suitable for calm, balanced people, the Hairless Terrier will be happy in the company of active cheerful people.


Scientists have proven that dogs in snow-white fur coats cause allergies less often than dark-colored animals. Why so is a mystery. But in the secretions of white dogs, the allergen concentration is slightly lower. In addition to white, hypoallergenic dogs of all shades of red are noted, from delicate cream to orange. The lighter the safer. But it is better to refuse to buy a black or chocolate doggie.


During sexual arousal, dogs secrete tens of times more allergens: with urine, sweat, saliva and other fluids. This is equally true for both males and females. In addition, even at rest, a sexually mature pet produces more annoying substances than a teenage puppy. It is clear which dogs are hypoallergenic - regardless of breed and type of coat, these are castrated and sterilized pets, and the operation must be performed before puberty begins.


Cleanliness in the house and hygiene of the pet are extremely important points. The cleaner the dog, the less allergens on the pet’s coat. The cleaner the house, the less allergens get on the skin and lungs of the patient. Therefore, the most hypoallergenic dog is a clean dog, with well-groomed hair, not watery eyes, clean booty and claws, clean teeth. And preferably short-cut, no matter how sorry it is to part with a magnificent fur coat of York or Bichon.

Only now all the care measures should be carried out by the wrong family member who is suffering from allergies. Fiddling with combing, brushing, clipping - this is an unnecessary risk. Decide in advance on whose shoulders these responsibilities will fall. Remember that you will have to take care of the dog regularly, and more often than usual. For example, khs is enough to bathe once a month, but if an allergic person lives in the house, your pet is bathed once a week. In addition, not a single so-called hypoallergenic dog breed will show its qualities if we forget about cleanliness in the house. Wet cleaning once a week, storing laundry in closed bags, a bed outside the dog’s access area, washing hands and face after talking with the pet are mandatory.

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