We make a bed for a cat with our own hands (+ photo)

A cat’s best friend is not a person, and certainly not another cat. The best friend of the rumbling sissy is Morpheus, in the arms of which any cat spends most of his life. Is it a shame? Yes, not at all: who will become jealous of the mythological character? And having made a bed for a cat with our own hands, we will even contribute to the close friendship of two creatures, similar in love to incredible inventions and blissful comfort.

The beauty is that everything is very simple. Time will take no more than an hour, materials - a minimum, and even this minimum does not always have to be bought. The cat will certainly be comfortable on a warm couch, sewn from an old sheepskin coat or fur coat, blanket, plaid, sweater - any sufficiently durable and comfortable fabric. Before you sew a lounger for a cat, measure the length of the body of a fluffy dormouse and evaluate its size - that’s all the preparation.

Easy peasy

The first option is the simplest, but interesting in that it can be beaten in many ways. We take as a basis such a sunbed with sides and a removable pillow:

The bottom can be made whole, but it’s better to spend the extra half an hour sewing pillows with a pillowcase with a zipper - cleaning and washing the “nest” will be much easier. Materials: foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, any suitable fabric, durable material for the bottom, durable threads.

The pattern for the cat lounger consists of two parts:

Detail “A” is the side; making “B” is the bottom. For the side, two details will be required: we sew, twist to the front side, insert the foam cut out on the pattern, sew the hole. It remains to sew a side to the bottom of thick durable fabric, and sew the edges to form a circle (oval, square, at your discretion, it all depends on the shape of the bottom). After adding a couple of centimeters, we cut out two more details “B” from the fabric intended for the pillowcase. Sew, twist on the front side, stuff with padding polyester, sew in a zipper. Done!

Sunbed "cloud"

This option is more time consuming. But then it is great for those who are considering how to sew a sunbed for a cat as comfortable, warm and homely as possible:

Materials: one piece of fabric suitable for the occasion, synthetic winterizer, durable threads, elastic. The bottom can be stuffed with a padding polyester, lay foam between the parts or make it “empty”, adding a removable pillow to the sunbed. The pattern of the sunbed is the only detail:

The inner circle is a sleeping place, the “steering wheel” is the future sides. The segment AB is equal to the length of the berth (the shape of the sunbed can be any, not necessarily round), the segment CD is the height of the sides. We cut out two details from the fabric, mark the "slices", mark the borders of the berth with chalk. Now the most interesting thing: how to make a sunbed for a cat from the resulting thing?

It's simple, proceed step by step:

  • we sew two parts along the inner circle, not forgetting to put the synthetic winterizer inside;
  • flashing both parts on the marked "slices". At this stage, you will get a bottom and fabric hanging around the edges, divided by seams into "pockets";
  • carefully fill the pockets with padding polyester. The more syntepon, the more voluminous our "cloud" will turn out. So that the filler does not fall out, we fasten the edges of the pockets with a basting seam;
  • the pockets are separated by a transverse seam, under which you need to thread an elastic band. We stretch the elastic under the stitching seams, but on top of the synthetic winterizer. The lounger for the cat is almost ready! It remains only to tighten the elastic band so that the sides take a vertical position relative to the bottom, and sew up the pockets, hiding the filler.

New life of old things

You can quickly and easily make a deckchair for a cat with your own hands from an unnecessary sweater. It turns out here is such a beauty that only a close person will guess about the past:

Of course, the sweater should be a suitable size and not shabby. Procedure:

  • we put the sweater on a flat surface, decorate the neckline (you can just sew the neckline tightly, make a patch of a beautiful fabric, etc.);
  • sew the sleeves to the "body" along the entire length. We sew the sweater along the line from the armpit to the armpit (see photo);
  • we fill the sleeves and the “body” with synthetic winterizer, sew the bottom of the sweater;
  • sew the sleeves together to make a circle or oval. Cuffs can be cut or decorated with fabric. Done!

Having shown imagination, it is not difficult to make a lounger for a cat with your own hands, giving a second life to your things. How? And, for example, like this:

Broken suitcases (paint, screw the legs, put a pillow)

Old bedside tables, stools (paint, flip, put a pillow)

Broken monitors (take out the "stuffing", paint, put a pillow)

Leaky barrels (cut off excess, grind, put a pillow)

Watch the video: How to make Amazing Kitten Cat Pet House from Cardboard (November 2019).