Profiler for cats: a full description of the drug

Helminths are a headache for many pet lovers. When your cat’s intestines are full of worms, he cannot enjoy life, eat and drink normally: “guests” constantly poison his body, which clearly does not contribute to good health. Profender can help bring the pet back to life. This is a wonderful anthelmintic drug, characterized by a pronounced effect on parasites and safety for warm-blooded animals.

The main characteristics of the drug

This is the name of a comprehensive medicine for helminths with a wide profile of action. The main active ingredient is praziquantel. Accordingly, the analogues of this medicine are dozens of other drugs containing the same active substance (including Asinox and Biltricid). Appearance - a transparent liquid, characterized by a yellowish or slightly brownish tint. Packed in disposable plastic pipettes, the capacity of which varies from 0.3 to 1 ml. You can use the medicine exclusively externally, preventing it from getting inside.

The tubes are closed with plastic caps and sealed in aluminum envelopes, each of which contains two pipettes. The drug is appropriately labeled and provided with instructions for use. Keep the medicine only in a dry place. The temperature can vary from zero to 30 degrees. Do not freeze! If during storage the manufacturer’s requirements have been fully met, the Cat Profiler can be stored for at least three years without losing its properties.

Mechanism of action

It acts on nematodes and cestodes, that is, it is effective against round and ribbon helminths. The tool works quite standardly. The substances that make up the drug “hit” the parasite’s nervous system, causing complete paralysis of the latter. The worm cannot be fixed in the intestine, its muscular system degrades, and soon the parasite dies. The appointment of laxatives is not required, since the destroyed worms leave the body of the animal along with feces.

Some believe that when applying drops to the withers of the animal there is a "terrible chemical smell." Not at all. Of course, the medicine does not smell like roses, but it does not bear acetone. The smell disappears for several hours, so there is nothing wrong with that.

The composition of the drug includes substances that greatly facilitate the absorption of the drug and its saturation with body fluids. The maximum concentration is achieved after 2-4 days from the date of use. The manufacturer reports that the period of elimination of the drug from the body is at least 20-30 days. The drug comes out with urine, but it does not have a toxic effect on the kidneys

The medicine is moderately dangerous. What does it mean? If used in the recommended doses, Profender does not irritate the skin, does not have a mutagenic or teratogenic effect on the organisms of the embryos, does not affect the formation of normal immunity in case of vaccination. Veterinary practice has revealed that cats can tolerate three times the standard therapeutic dose.

Indications and methods of use

Drops from worms are prescribed for nematodoses and cestodoses (for therapeutic purposes), as well as to prevent these diseases. It is applied strictly externally to the skin of the pet.

Before use, you need to unscrew the protective cap from the pipette nozzle, and then pierce the foil membrane underneath. Then the owner needs to spread the wool on the scruff of the animal with one hand (where it will not reach and the drug will not drop a drop), and with the other hand you need to squeeze the required amount of medicine directly onto the neck.

If your cat has a monumental size, it is advisable to apply the dose fractionally, dividing it into three or four parts, which are rubbed into different places on the withers and neck. The minimum dose is 0.13 ml per kilogram of live weight. But in this case we are talking about therapeutic use. For prevention, the amount of solution used can be reduced.

The medicine can only be used for animals over eight weeks of age. How to calculate the dosage? So, if the weight of your pet varies from half a kilogram to 2.5 kg, a preparation for small cats is used, which is packaged in 0.35 ml pipettes. If the cat weighs between 2.5 and 5 kg, medium-sized cats should be used. This type of drug is packaged in 0.7 ml pipettes.

What to use for cats over 5 kg in weight (and up to 8 kg)? Of course, the Profender for large animals, dispensed in 1 ml pipettes. But what if your cat belongs to the giants and weighs more than eight kilos? In this case, use the lowest possible dose, that is, 0.14 ml per kilogram of live weight, combining the contents of various types of pipettes.

As you might guess, for therapeutic purposes, the medicine is used according to the testimony of a veterinarian. If you want to protect your pet from being infected with worms, he is given the medicine once a quarter. As a rule, when using the Profender in strict accordance with the instructions, side effects are never observed. Almost…

In extremely rare cases, itching of moderate intensity, slight redness of the skin, excessive salivation is possible. All these side effects do not pose any danger to the life and health of your cat, pass on their own, without requiring the appointment of any additional drugs.

Remember this!

When processing a cat, be sure to follow the basic rules of personal hygiene and safety. During the day after treatment, in no case keep the cat out of the reach of children. If the remnants of the drug come in contact with your skin or eyes, wash immediately with plenty of warm water. You need to store the medicine in places where children or pets cannot reach it. All contraindications boil down to the fact that Profenders are not prescribed to kittens under the age of eight weeks..

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